Republican Debate Gets Marred by Acrimony Between Candidates

The leading contender from the GOP criticized not only his own party members but also the incumbent US president during the Republican debate for the way America was being led.

Republican debate

During the previous week Donald Trump was vehemently criticized by Barack Obama during his final State of The Union address. He took some serious scolding from the Republican governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley in her response to the president’s address.

Moreover, Donald Trump’s needling of Ted Cruz also did not go down well with conservatives. Consequently, Cruz and the lot are targeting the ‘New York Values’ projected by Trump.

During the Republican debate on Thursday, Donald Trump proved that he is angrier than before. This approach has afforded him with favorable polls from theelectorate and it seems that he is not going to abandon this approach. The Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina made that much clear. During the Republican debate, Donald Trump said that he was very angry and would gladly accept the mantle of anger.

He was obviously responding to Nikki Haley’s remarks in which she restrained Americans and members of her own party from following the ‘call of the angriest’ voice. She had later remarked sung her speech that one of those voices belonged to Trump.

Trump replied during the Republican debate that he wasn’t offended by Nikki comments adding further that the US military was in a disastrous condition. American health care system was in shambles. The borders had practically eroded. All of this was making him very angry.

Democrats as well as some Republicans had raised the issue about Trump’s proposal for banning Muslims from America. Was he about to change this stance?

Trump’s answer was in the negative. This is perfectly in line with his image of a presidential candidate who is able to speak his mind without worrying about the consequences of this action. He said that this wasn’t the time for political correctness.

Trump’s matter-of-fact approach has worked well for him during the Republican debate on Thursday. The shrewd businessman from New York was also able to brush aside criticism of his ‘New York’ value by invoking the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He said that New York handled the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in a humane and graceful manner like no one else could.

Trump seemed a little bit more frank than necessary during the Republican debate. He admitted without hesitation that he had brought up Cruz’s eligibility issues because he was performing better at the polls. He also stated that he was targeting Cruz for the good of the Party.

Cruz, on the other hand, dismissed the entire episode as an attempt at political distraction. He remarked: “I’ve spent my entire life defending the Constitution; I’m not going to be taking legal advice from Donald Trump.”

The on-stage animosity between the two leading candidates created a sense of dismay and hopelessness among the rest of the participants of the Republican debate.

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