Obama Terrorism Speech Fail To Dissipate Fears

The couple who wreaked havoc in South California this week, killing and injuring participants of an office party, indulged in this despicable act after being influenced by, and embracing a distorted interpretation of Islam. This was the gist of Obama terrorism speech on Sunday night. The president further added that after the California carnage the congress was under an obligation to bring amendments to the existing gun laws.

                            Obama Terrorism Speech

Obama Terrorism Speech Fail To Dissipate Fears

Speaking from the Oval Office through a live television broadcast, the US president confirmed to the American public that the authorities had, until then, found no connection between the couple and any terrorist organization abroad. However, he affirmed that the duo had been radicalized allowing them to embrace a dark logic that calls on individuals to wage war against the West, and the United States.

Barack Obama further stated that the incident in San Bernardino suggested that the terror threat that the West was facing had evolved into a new and more dangerous phase. The carnage in California claimed the lives of 14 people. 21 people were also wounded in the senseless shooting spree.

The president said that the American authorities had become much better at uncovering and dismantling complex terror networks which is why terror groups were focusing more on less complicated and rather, spontaneous acts of violence. That is why shooting incidents within the US were becoming commonplace. He also referred to the attacks carried out on a US military base on Ford Hood and a military installation in Chattanooga.

Obama voiced his opinion that with the growing chaos in Syria and Iraq and the simultaneous growth in the use of internet, a surge in the efforts had been witnessed for the purpose of poisoning the minds of young Americans. Some of them are brainwashed to such an extent that they carry out acts of terrorism on the American soil.

The US president also delved into the gun debate challenging the congress to change the lenient gun laws in the country. He said that there was no excuse for allowing a terrorist to buy lethal weapons with ease. It should be made harder for people with mal intentions to purchase assault rifles since any spy agency, no matter how efficient, cannot identify a would-be shooter.

Obama said that the visa waiver program through which the female shooter Tashfeen Malik was able to come to the US and reside here, was also being scrutinized. He reiterated the need for more strict scrutiny of people wanting to come to the US and reside here.

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