Iraq, Iran has to face critical of U.S. comments after fall of Ramadi to ISIS

U.S defense secretary Ash Carter does criticize over the fall of Ramadi to the militant group Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. He did this criticism on Sunday by telling a TV channel that the forces of Iraq are extremely opposed to ISIS and they showed no interest to fight and showed more approaches to escape on Ramadi.

Iraq, Iran has to face critical of U.S. comments after fall of Ramadi to ISIS

Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al- Abadi’s government was very surprised by carter’s comment and P.M spokesman Saad al- Hadithi told the press that no one should judge the whole army based on one incident and then on Monday Iraq and Iran disposed of against U.S defense. According to the Iranian general America do not have a will to fight the extremist.

But according to the prime minister of Iraq’s opinion in Baghdad, Carter’s information is not according to the fact. On the other side Contrary to this in Iran’s revolutionary guard, the head of the elite Quds forces Gen. Qassim who offered his own judgement of American forces.

Now the loss of Ramadi starts the war of words in the middle of other gains by ISIS in current days. It is to be said that the fall of the Ramadi was due to emplaning and mismanagement of senior military commanders who were in charge of that time.

But now there is no need to take any action against them. It is to be happen which had done. The apertures among the countries have become the associated satisfaction against the militants.

Government is asking a question that is it good to rely on Iraqi troops and militiamen? Or is it enough to stop them on the ground alone? By looking at the continuous flee of Iraqi troops.

What have been done is no matter but this point hurt that the U.S didn’t do anything against extremist and this thing also mentioned in the newspaper of Iran. Carter also said that Iraqis absconds the extremist without fighting back with them.

According to the Soleimani Iran and its allies are the only forces that can deal with the threat. In Iran some revolutionary guard members have been killed there which shows that only combat troops were not fighting in Iraq but they were helped by the revolutionary guard members. So Iran offered Shia militias to fight against the extremists.

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