Google mail vs. Yahoo mail

The war between the web mails has considerably toned down thanks to much of the competition being unable to sustain the competency of the major players. Ever since Yahoo revamped its website, the major players in the market are Google Mail and Yahoo mail. The only other competitor in the market is Hotmail. This article, Google mail vs. Yahoo mail helps you decide which of them is better by comparing significant features.

1: Storage:

In this entry of Google mail vs. Yahoo mail, yahoo leads. What we all look for in our e-mail accounts is the capacity of mails that it can hold. On this count it can be seen that Yahoo offers unlimited storage space and Gmail only promises up to 15GB of free storage space, beyond which you have to pay to avail more storage space.

Google mail vs. Yahoo mail Storage

2: Attachment:

In this entry of Google mail vs. Yahoo mail, Google mail leads. Google mail is closely linked with Google drive because of which much of the memory and storage issues are sorted out. Google mail allows you to attach up to 25 MB and also you can attach up to 10GB via the Google drive. In Yahoo mail you are allowed to attach up to 25MB per mail. Hence if you are looking to send large attachments on a regular basis, Google is the way to go.

Google mail vs. Yahoo mail Attachment

3: Applications:

In this entry of Google mail vs. Yahoo mail, both are equally efficient. You can avail access to both of them via Android and iOS. Whereas both the apps are equally convenient to use, Yahoo allows you to change the theme of your account, which Google mail does not offer. Google mail on the other hand sorts your mail into helpful tabs that can be of much use in sorting your mail.

Google mail vs Yahoo mail Application

4: Automatic Email Forwarding:

In this entry of Google mail vs. Yahoo mail, Google Mail takes the lead. This option is not available with yahoo users. With this facility you can re-direct mails that you will receive on your Google mail account to another email address. You can filter what you want forwarded as well. You can choose to forward all new mails or a particular kind. However it is not possible to forward spam mails.

Google mail vs. Yahoo mail forward emails in gmail

5: Syncing:

In this entry of Google mail vs. Yahoo mail, Google mail takes the lead. Having an account on Google mail means that your account is linked to various other applications of Google such as Google drive, Google maps, Google Plus and so on. This enables you to use these applications without creating a separate account on each.

Google mail vs. Yahoo mail Syncing

Out of sheer popularity and fringe benefits, Google mail emerges to be the better web mail service as of now. It is very convenient, reliable and fast.

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