Kim Kardashian shows Killer body in a series of Swimsuit Photos

The killer body of the model weighs only 139 lbs despite a recent pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian shows Killer body in a series of Swimsuit Photos

Kim Kardashian recently it be known to her hundreds of thousands of fans that she had managed to drop down to an astonishing 139 pounds. She shared this news earlier on Wednesday.

The reality TV star shared this incredible news with a series of snaps that showcased her killer body in a swimsuit. This is the first time Kim Kardashian has been seen in a bathing suit since she gave birth to Saint West around five months ago.

The Killer body of the 35 year old celebrity was a sexy sight as she donned a dark one-piece while enjoying in the water. The snaps were taken in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland when Kim was there for celebrating the birthday of her sister Kourtney.

The pictures make it clear why Kim was dubbed as the snap back queen by her younger sister Khloe. Kim has displayed that she has this ability of snapping back into shape after giving birth to her both children, three year old North and the toddler Saint. The latter is almost five months old.

Kim Kardashian was seen in random pictures accompanied by her assistant. The celebrity displayed all her killer body and her ample cleavage despite being partially covering her body with a robe. Kim had let loose her raven locks that fell over her shoulders. The makeup had been applied to perfection.

In one of the snaps, Kim Kardashian had let the robe fall to the ground which revealed her hourglass figure beneath – all her assets displayed in full glory.

Kim Kardashian had set an objective of 135 lbs and she is now only 4 pounds away from it. In later pictures, she decided to do away with the wrap altogether and pile her hair over her head.

Later, the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’ star eased into the soothing water of the Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most favored tourist attractions in Iceland.

Kim and her assistant took several selfies in the water as both of them seemed to enjoy great time in the water.

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