Kim Kardashian shares another picture of Saint West on social media

The young boy seems to have taken a liking to the Snapchat application. Kim Kardashian has posted another picture of her son Saint for the fans

Kim Kardashian shares another picture of Saint West on social media

The star of the reality TV show shared a picture that shows young Saint looking healthy and bright on the morning of Friday. Kim Kardashian caption the snapshot with the following words:

‘You’re the sun in my morning babe,’ she captioned the shot.

The 35 year old star had posted the very first picture of Saint West – born on December 5, 2015, during the previous month. She said it was to honor her late father Robert Kardashian. Saint’s picture was shared with the public on the birthday of the senior Kardashian.

In his debut picture, Saint West could be seen dozing. But he was wide awake and bright eyed in the recent picture that Kim Kardashian shared with her fans on social media.

Saint was lying on his back and resting on a fluffy white blanket on the crib. Apparently, the little child was very cozy within the setting. His dark and round eyes were fixed on something that he must have found very interesting.

His elder sister does not seem comfortable with picture, but the younger Kardashian seems perfectly fine with Snapchat. Despite her apparent dislike for pictures, two year old North – Kanye West’s daughter North, also appears on social media websites on a regular basis. Kim Kardashian joined Snapchat only a week ago and has posted many pictures of North on the application.

On Friday, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable Snapchat of North in pink heels and adorned with petals. Across the image was the following scribbling of her proud mom in pink letters: ‘Best Dressed.’

Kim also took time to insert a gold trophy into the image.
Unlike her mother, North is not so much into Snapchat. She could be seen cranky in a Snapchat that was shared on the night of Thursday.

Kim captioned the snap with the words that depicted that the young girl was not a fan of the application.

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