Reality Behind Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

The star shared recent snaps of herself revealing that she has lost a lot of baby weight

Reality Behind Kim Kardashian Weight Loss

It has been 4 months since Kim Kardashian gave birth to her son Saint West, but the reality TV star has achieved a great deal when it comes to her dietary goals.

On Monday, Kim revealed on her website that she had lost an astonishing amount of weight – almost 42 pounds after welcoming her baby into the world. Here we talk about reality behind Kim Kardashian weight loss.

The famous celebrity also showed a preview of all the things that were currently going on in her life. She also let her fans know the progress that had been made towards her final target of dropping at least 70 pounds.

The star of the reality TV show ‘ Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ was very excited about wearing all those clothes that she used to wear before she became pregnant with her son. In fact, she is also able to wear some outfits that she could wear before she gave birth to her daughter North in 2013.

Kim posted on her website the she wanted to fit inside more of her old clothes. She further said that she had lost 42 pounds and there were 28 more to go.

She shared a snap from the show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ in which she is seen only wearing a bra and a robe. Obviously, this was to show how she wanted her body to look like.

Kim is already able to fit inside some of those clothes. Sharing an old picture of herself she wrote that she is able to wear her old workout clothes and that they fit her nicely.

Reality behind Kim Kardashian weight loss the famous star sharing her diet with fans, Kim posted a picture of her preferred meal of chicken salad and almonds. This kind of diet is helps her with the goal of dropping more weight.

Kim has been very straightforward regarding the fact that she had gained extra weight during her pregnancy. She had revealed to her fans that her body had gained almost 60 pounds during the pregnancy.

Immediately after giving birth to Saint, she started a weight loss program setting the goal of losing at least 70 pounds. Besides using the Atkins Diet, the famous start is also working out on a regular basis.

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