How to Attain Kim Kardashian Butt Without Surgery

A set of three easy exercises will enable to your make your dream of sexy butt come true. We discuss here how to attain Kim Kardashian butt without surgery. 

kim kardashian butt

It is next to impossible to ignore Kim Kardashian butt. It does not matter whether these butts are original or have been enhanced through cosmetics means, the best thing is that she has those hips and they enhance her attractiveness quite a lot. Is there any woman who would not crave those sexy curves bulging out from her jeans?

Having sexy buttocks does not require a woman to be a model. It also does not require a very costly cosmetic enhancement or surgery. One also does not need to entirely alter their dietary habits or spend hours inside a gym. Below, some easy workouts are listed that can be carried out at your home. These will enhance your back and keep your butt in their best sexy shape. Watch a set of three easy exercises you make sexy butt.

1. The first of these exercises is the leg bridge. It can be done by lying on the back and keeping the knees bent. The feet should be flat and apart. Start by tightening the core part of your body. Then lift the lower back in a slow manner. Too fast won’t work. It may also cause a strain in your back. Bring up the right leg first and hold it there for some moments – 5 seconds is enough. Now lower the back and bring back the leg to its original position. The same exercise should be repeated for the other leg. Five sets for each leg are enough.

2. The next exercise is simply known as hip extension. It can be done by kneeling down on the hands. Now keep the back perfectly straight and tighten the abdomen. The next step involves squeezing the glutes and getting up the right leg while keeping it in alignment with the torso. Remain in the position for at least 5 seconds straight. Lower the leg down to its original position. Do the same exercise with the other leg.

3. The third workout for attaining Kim Kardashian butt is simply known as Sumo squat. It is done by standing in such a position that the feet remain apart. The distance between the legs must be as wide as it is humanly possible. The position of the body must remain straight. Now, push the hips and cower downwards. A light dumbbell will come very handy for adding weight. Return to the original position after 5 seconds. Repeat the same exercise for the other leg. But doing the above exercises routinely will allow you to attain Kim Kardashian bum and hips even before you know it.

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