Brussels Terror attacks: Dozens of People Killed and Wounded

The Brussels terror attacks were carried out at the international airport and a metro station. The city comes to a standstill

Brussels Terror attacks: Dozens of People Killed and Wounded

More than thirty people are believed to have been perished and scores wounded in Brussels terror attacks that were carried out in the international airport and the metro station. Zaventem airport was hit by two blasts at around 7:00 GMT. Eleven people lost their lives in the blasts.

An hour later, another blast occurred at the Maelbeek metro station located near the headquarters of the European Union. Twenty more people died in the attack.

Brussels police has immediately issued a wanted notice for a person who was taped by the cameras at the airport as he pushed a trolley. The CCTV footage showed the same person accompanied by two others. The police believe that the two persons may have died during the attacks.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks saying that it carried out the devastating explosions. The claim was made through a statement issued on Amaq agency. In Belgium, the terrorism alert has been raised to its highest level. The country will mourn the attacks for the three coming days.

The Prime Minister of Belgium had declared the attacks violent and cowardly. He also requested everyone to remain calm. The twin blasts hit the departures lounge of the Zaventem airport at around 8:00 local time. Police believe that it was the work of a suicide bomber. The twin blasts took the lives of 11 people and injured 81 more.

Some of the witnesses have stated that they heard fires being shot and people shouting in Arabic right before the blasts went off. Other witnesses say that they people fleeing the first blast were targeted by the second one. There was reportedly a third bomb too but it failed to go off. It was later taken care of by the authorities.

Many tourists caught in the blasts were seen asking police for safe places. They also wanted to know when the airport will start its flight operations again. The police also seemed to have little clue, but they did try to help people. Most of the people were diverted to the reception. Police also provided help in evacuating the area.

The explosion at the Maelbeek Station occurred shortly after the airport blasts. A three carriage train was hit as it left the platform.

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