Tabloid Reports that Sex Life of Kim Kardashian is waning

Insider reveals that Kanye West does not find her sexually desirable anymore

Tabloid Reports that Sex Life of Kim Kardashian is waning

There was a false fabricated report on a tabloid regarding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The tabloid had reported that the sex life of the couple had ‘gone.’ It is now confirm that the report was not true.

The National Enquirer had reported that Kim Kardashian had gained some weight during her pregnancy. This had resulted in a thaw in the couple’s relationship since Kanye West was not interested in her anymore.

The source of the news was reported to have been an ‘insider’ who had revealed this fact to the tabloid. The alleged insider had further revealed that Kanye West not finding the reality star as sexy and desirable as she used to be.

The magazine did not stop here. Rather it carried on with the false report adding that Kardashian was desperately working on losing her weight but there had been no progress. In fact she had gained more weight jeopardizing her sex life even more.

The tabloid then, quoted a doctor who had never even been near the Kardashian. The said doctor imparted his expert opinion that the star’s weight gain may also have deprived her of the usual sexual urges experienced by a normal person.

Of course, this is all rubbish since it’s widely known that Kim Kardashian hasn’t gained any more weight since she gave birth to her son, Saint West. She may not have attained the same weight that she had before becoming pregnant, but she has definitely lost many pounds.

Above all, there is nothing that would suggest that the sex life of the couple is not doing well. The famous rapper still loves Kim Kardashian. He not only loves her but is also sexually attracted to his wife.

A source close to the couple told the newspaper recently that the claims made by a tabloid about their waning sex life, are utterly nonsense. He assured the newspaper that there wasn’t even a modicum of truth in the news.

A track record of the tabloid in question will reveal the fact that it has also previously printed false stories about the Kardashians. One of those stories suggested that Kanye West was leaving Kim Kardashian for Jennifer Lopez. The story turned out to be absolutely wrong.

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