Kim Kardashian Chooses The Model For Kanye’s latest Album Cover

Kim Kardashian’s butt is the most famous in the world but she chose another for ‘Life of Pablo’.

Kim Kardashian chooses the model for Kanye’s latest album cover

The model whose gorgeous ass adorns the on one of the covers of Kanye West’s album ‘Life of Pablo’ owes a lot to wife Kim Kardashian since she is the one who picked her cakes out of a lineup. The name of the model is Sheniz Halil who is already boasting a reasonable online following. The reason is obvious.

Insiders have revealed that Kanye wanted Kim to be involved in his newest album. That is why he allowed her to choose the butt model. Kim Kardashian is really good at choosing the right big ass model.

The art team showed a bunch of photos to Kim Kardashian from which, she picked Sheniz since she thought the latter had the best butt. Halil appears on the cover of ‘Life of Pablo’ only in a white thong.

Kim Kardashian’s butt is arguably the most famous in town but she picked another one to be featured on her husband’s latest album.

Kanye West released the cover art for the album on Thursday which featured a sexy blonde model with an incredible behind. The dame – Sheniz Halil – is a swimsuit model.

It wasn’t Kim Kardashian’s butt; however, she was the one who chose it at the insistence of Kanye West. And she did a great job. The online profile of the model has soared since the artwork was released. Halil admitted online that she was flattered to be chosen by Kanye West.

When your a** gets more publicity than u can imagine or buy, I’m flattered one of most influential and talented artistes not to mention married to ultimate queen bootay used my pic don’t know how or why but I’m flattered.” She said.

When it was revealed that it was, in fact, Kim Kardashian who chose her butt, the model became even more excited. She wrote another post on her instagram account stating that she was even more flattered that the booty queen (Kim Kardashian) chose her butt thinking that it was the best.

Kanye West released his third album at Madison Square Garden on the night of Thursday in the presence of thousands of his followers, his entire family and friends including Jay Z and Gigi hadid.

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