Advantages of Using Google Play Store

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Android users can simplify their mobile experience by using some great features offered by Google Play Store.

Advantages of Using Google Play Store

Google Play Store not only offers many great apps, widgets and e-books, it also provides several other things to Android users that are very useful for them. There are many tips for Android users that will help them in managing the settings and configurations of their mobile sets in such a way that they will allow better downloads and manage other options of the set in a much better way.

Restricting Purchases by Passwords:

If there are small children in your house, this feature will become very useful. It can also render the Google wallet more secure. Moreover, this feature of restricting passwords also becomes very useful if your Android device is being used by more than one user. In order to enable the restriction feature, go to Google Play Store settings and select password. Enter whatever password you like.

Adult Content Filtering:

On Google Play Store, apps are rated as per their maturity. Adult humor, violence, gambling and many other factors like these determine the maturity level of the user. If you don’t want your children to see these things, they can be very easily filtered with the heading or title of the content in the Google Play Store setting. What you have to do is simply select the content filtering and choose the appropriate maturity level.

Order Display:

It is very easy to keep track of all your buying history by clicking the Gear icon. This will allow you to review your orders and see what you are spending.

Device control:

The Google Playstore Version 3.2.25 has introduced a novel app which is known as Android Device Manager. This simple app allows the user to control his / her device remotely. A user can lock the device, delete all the data inside it, or simply ring it if it is misplaced or stolen. Simply go to the Google Play Store and click on the Gear icon, and use the Device Manager Icon.

No more auto-adding widgets:

Each time a user downloads an apps from the Google Play Store, a shortcut widget is created. When you have download many app, the home screen is clogged with all the widgets most of which you do not even use anymore. You can disable the auto adding feature by de-selecting the ‘add’ icon in the home screen.

There are many more options available to the user that help him / her in customizing the Google Play Store setting and make render you Android experience more simple and easy. With the Google Maps Stickers, users can label all the important places in order to get quick directions and best available routes.

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