Chubb Offers Environmental Insurance Products

Chubb Insurance will offer these latest services through its enhanced network of branches all across the US.

Chubb Offers Environmental Insurance Products

Chubb Insurance:

Chubb Insurance has expanded the premises pollution liability as well as other coverages pertaining to environmental insurance with the help of its recently revamped network of distribution. Moreover, the company will also offer risk management products through the same network.

Chubb’s Environmental Insurance products distribution network has seen an astounding growth from 9 branches to 48 after it merged with ACE. These branches are situated in the United States.

This means that new and additional products and services will be made available to small, medium and large companies both foreign and domestic with the help of brokers and agents who are doing business with the company.

Environmental Insurance products will include:

Pollution Liability Products for Premises:

This means a protection offered for a number of residential, retail, commercial and industrial risks due to environmental hazards. Also available are coverages that are specific to healthcare, educational, agricultural and real estate entities.

Contractors Pollution Liability Products:

This would mean stand alone as well as packaged environmental insurance policies for regular practice or specific to project. The insurance program could either be controlled by the owner or the contactor. Liabilities associated with the regular aspects of construction or consulting services are also covered. Errors and omissions liability protection is also offered through packaged pollution.

Coverage for aboveground and underground tanks:

Chubb offers an automated web-based system which is known as TankSafe. The facility offers underground and aboveground tank insurance to commercial customers.

All the environmental policies of the new Chubb are provided access to the Environmental Incident Alert which is a response program offering 24 hours support regarding release of hazardous substances and other regulated materials.

The customers of Environmental policy will also gain access to a wide network of consultants including experts from ESIS. It must be noted that all the environmental products may not be available in all the states of the US. These products are also available in Canada.

All products may not be available in all states. Products are also available in Canada. Surplus lines products are available only through licensed surplus lines producers. Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued.

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