Who Franchised ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

It is a known fact that Al-Qaeda and Taliban are the creations of the CIA. They were created at a time when America needed them to fight as their proxies in Afghanistan against the Russian bear

Who Franchised ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

It is also common knowledge that American national security advisor had met with Osama Bin Laden and offered his countries support to the deeply religious mujahedeen against the Russian infidels. But when the objectives of the Americans were achieved in Afghanistan, they left the region and Pakistan to bear the consequences of this conflict in the form of increasing militancy, instability and terrorism.

The mujahedeen who had fought the Russians during the 80s became the Taliban. Al-Qaeda and its offshoots became terrorists. After the Soviet Union was torn into pieces, Americans and their Zionist friends labeled Islamic fundamentalism as their most dangerous enemies.

Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden have frequently been used by the Americans in the past in order to malign Pakistan and many other Muslim countries. In fact, Pakistan is their most important target owing to its nuclear weapons. Al-Qaeda has constantly been used as a tool for manipulating American public opinion and devising foreign policy that supports Israel and undermines Muslim countries and Muslims.

The incident in Tora Bora is an example where the US double game was evident. Osama Bin Laden was within the reach of the American army which refused to pursue, capture or kill him. Rather they allowed him to escape.

While reporting the events of Tora Bora in 2002, the Christian Science Monitor stated that Osama Bin Laden had escaped to Iran. This statement was in line with the American concerns that Iran was taking in and supporting Al Qaeda escapes.

A Reuters report quoted Labeviere’s book “Corridors of Terror” in which the author had stated that the CIA and Bin Laden had carried out negotiations in Dubai only two months before the 9/11 attacks.

While Americans were vehemently carrying out their agenda against the Al Qaeda and Islam, their Zionist friends were busy creating and broadcasting videos that allowed them to carry on with their anti-Muslim propaganda. In November 2004, a fake video was released which played a pivotal role in George W Bush getting elected.

It is well-known that in a tape released on December 27, 2001, the authenticity of which is not in question, Osama denied any involvement in the September 11 tragedy. However, later, two video tapes appeared to validate his guilt in relation to 9/11, because the main aims of the Bush administration were to provoke American public against the Muslims and to justify global war on terror—the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq to possess energy resources of Central Asia and Iraq, including proxy wars in other Middle Eastern countries and to get their support for a propaganda campaign against Pakistan and Iran.

Besides other actions of Bush era such as America’s state-sponsored terrorism in the volatile Islamic countries, persecution of Muslims through torture, detentions and arrests, CIA and FBI-operated facilities, radicalising the western Christians against the Muslims, while providing a golden chance to Tel Aviv to accelerate the systematic genocide of the Palestinians—protecting the real architects of the 9/11 tragedy.

Recall, just after the September 11 disaster, Bush and Zionist-controlled media deliberately developed chauvinism among the Americans. There had been an organised campaign against the Muslims in the US and other western countries. Its main themes were that Islam and the Muslims were the true cause of terrorism.

Anti-Muslim move could also be judged from an article, titled:

‘Their Target: The Modern World’, published in the special issue of American weekly, ‘Newsweek’ in which Prof. Francis Fukuyama (The author of ‘The End of History and the Last Man’) wrote, “The real enemy: radical Islamists intolerant of all diversity and dissent, have become fascists of our day and that is what we are fighting against.”

It was because of the dual strategy of Bush through war on terror—on global and regional level, which continued by various tactics of state terrorism and on the other side, response of Al-Qaeda militants by clandestine terror attacks, as shown through a number of the past suicidal missions such as on Indonesian resort island of Bali, Saudi Arabia, Spain and a series of bomb attacks on London’s transport network etc., including those ones in other Afro-Asian countries have clearly pointed out that Al-Qaeda was organized on world level. But, the outfit lost control on its affiliated militant groups.

Al-Qaeda’s decimated old guard may no longer be able to mount elaborately detailed plots, executed by other trained terrorists of various new groups which claim their links with Al-Qaeda, but, are not under its direct command. For example, in Somalia—splitting away of a hardliner-faction Al-Shabaab is an offshoot of the Islamic Courts Union.

The US defined Al-Shabaab as Al-Qaida allies. The reality is that there have been militant groups in Africa which have described themselves as being Al-Qaida. Some have been associated with the core of Bin Laden’s ideology and were involved in early Al-Qaeda spectaculars in Africa.

In this connection, about the two bombs which blew the 18-story headquarters of the British-owned HSBC bank and the British consulate in Istanbul in November, 2003, Turkish officials had remarked that these were the work of homegrown extremists.

In March 2004, the former CIA Director, George Tenet said, “Al-Qaeda has become a loose collection of regional networks working autonomously-[they] pick their own targets, they plan their own attacks…in this new phase of franchise terrorism, Al-Qaeda has been described as an idea rather than an organization.”

In fact, there are several groups of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Some of them are being used by secret agencies like CIA, Israeli Mossad and Indian RAW to obtain the collective and individual designs of their countries against Pakistan, Middle East and other Muslim countries. But, like the double game of America, Israel and India, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and TTP also play double game.

The leaders of these militant outfits work for these secret agencies, while, they motivate the common Muslims for suicide attacks and terror-related activities as part of Jihad. Otherwise, Jihad does not permit suicide attacks. Like other religions, Islam is a religion of peace and prohibits any sort of terrorism.

Iraq-based ISIS which itself broke away from Al-Qaeda, proclaimed a worldwide caliphate by its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, on 29 June 2014. ISIS’s criminal actions had widely been criticized in the world, with many Islamic communities judging the group to be unrepresentative of Islam. One of ISIS’s goals has been to establish a radical Sunni Islamic state in Iraq and Syria Jordan, Palestine etc. (Levant region). It has been used by the US and Israel for distorting the image of Islam and for inciting the feelings of western Christians and Kurds against Muslims.

For the purpose, like Al-Qaeda, it is widely known for its violent acts and propaganda which includes Internet videos of beheadings etc. However, besides some Islamic countries, a majority of the religious extremists (Muslims) from the western world joined the ISIS. In this context, oblivion on the part of the west about ISIS recruits from their countries is questionable.

Nevertheless, if the double game of President Bush (The Senior) and George W. Bush franchised Al-Qaeda on global level, President Obama’s dual policy franchised both Al-Qaeda and ISIS as part of the anti-Muslim campaign and left no stone unturned in advancing the agenda of the Zionists, Israeli lobbies and the neoconservatives in the pretext of global war on terror. Secretly, Obama authorized CIA to create ISIS.

His perennial covert support to the Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians, Gaza blockade, silence over the supply (Smuggling) of oil by ISIS to some European countries, toppling the elected government in Egypt, creation of more collapsed states such as Libya, Syria, Yemen etc., CIA-assisted Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front) and ISIS militants, continued sectarian violence and prolonged engagement of its troops (NATO) in Afghanistan might be cited as instance. Moreover, the Middle East was deliberately thrown in worst form of terrorism and civil wars for achieving the goal of a greater Israel.

US-led Israeli entities were frustrated by the recent developments such as Russian airstrikes on the ISIS terrorist’s installations in the northern Syria, Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, across the Lebanon-Israeli border, Russian coalition with Iran, Iraq and Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, retreat of the CIA-rebels and mercenaries, their failure to topple the Assad regime, arrest of Israeli Col. Shahak in Iraq, his admission, proving links of Al-Qaeda and ISIS with America and Israel (Israeli Mossad), including the Vienna meeting where the US Secretary of State John Kerry agreed to keep the Syrian president in power, not to allow ISIS militant group to reign in Syria and America’s decision of sending 50 special forces to Syria to help in rooting out ISIS terrorists have clearly exposed the double game.

Thus, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in fact, exposed the US fake war on terror, saying that the New World Order agents—the Zionist regime in America and Israel have no cloths. Besides, some recent developments such as decision of the Canadian-nominated new prime minister Justin Trudeau to withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the US-led mission against ISIS, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement to abandon plans to carry out airstrikes against ISIS positions in Syria, after his failure to receive support from Labour MPs, reluctance of NATO countries to support America’s fake global war on terror and double game of striking the ISIS activists, acceptance of Syrian refugees by the European countries, especially Germany and the EU rule to boycott goods produced in Israeli settlements on the West Bank prove that Mossad used ISIS to conduct the November 13 terror-attacks in Paris to revive the global war on terror, and to obtain the aims of the neo-conservatives, Zionists and Israel, as they needed the assistance of the whole Europe against the Muslims.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom statement, hours after the Paris attacks caused a stir in Jerusalem, as she said that “to counteract the radicalization, we must go back to the situation in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”

Meanwhile, the mastermind of the Paris attacks was killed by the French forces, including a woman who blew herself up during a shootout with police. In the post-November 13 phenomena, Europe has been put on high alert and Paris terror assaults are being taken as attacks on the whole continent. After arrests and killings of the suspected persons and masterminds of the Paris catastrophe—having connections with ISIS, western citizens feel panic, while the Muslims there are facing harassment owing to their persecution.

Manipulating the terrorism-acts in Paris and its aftermath, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and their media are propagating that same radical Islam which is behind Israel is also behind Paris attacks. Like the drastic aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, they want to hold all the Muslims responsible for the mayhem in order to divert the attention of the west from the real culprits. Notably, the French authorities said that they have killed the masterminds of the Paris attacks. But, reports from Tel Aviv say that the real mastermind is in Syria.

It is of particular attention that in 2009, when more than 12 Pakistani students were arrested in UK in connection with terrorism, the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had stated that the most dangerous plot had been foiled by the police. But, afterwards, British authorities released the students and admitted that they had no link with terrorism.

In this context, earlier, Zionist-controlled media and US-led some European powers were propagating that any conspiracy to attack the US homeland and Europe with chemical weapons or dirty nuclear bomb would be prepared in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Now, after the Paris terror attacks, they have changed the side of their propaganda machinery towards Syria, raising same misconceptions to misguide the west.

Indicating the double game, Hans J. Morgenthau, and Palmer and Perkins opine, “Just as power became the instrument of ambitious nationalism and state’s leaders, it has now become the tool of ideologies. The true nature of the policy is concealed by ideological justifications and rationalization. Therefore, the ideology provides a mask behind which the ulterior motives are concealed.”

Although, European rulers and leaders, particularly of France know that who are playing double game, yet they cannot point out owing to diplomatic decorum. Hence, France has decided to join the Russian coalition to eliminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, it is a good sign that other countries like UK are considering a broader alliance (Including Russia) in this respect. Because of internal criticism in relation to phony war on terror and on ISIS, even President Obama has also announced to join such a larger alliance.

Nonetheless, fanatics and extremists are found in every religious community. According to the Veterans Today, therefore, taking note of the double game which franchised Al-Qaeda and ISIS, moderate and peace-loving Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus must play their positive role in thwarting the conspiracy of those plotters who intend to take the world to “Clash of Civilizations.” Instead of engaging themselves in controversial debate on the alternative media (Internet), they must utilize it for the larger interest of humanity.

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