Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Real Terrorists Detected

Orlando real terrorists detected – A search for the real Orlando terrorists would require looking into the real motive. Since the news broke about the massacre in Florida, there has been a search for Pulse nightclub real terrorists who planned and executed the worst crime in US history since 9/11 attacks on the world trade center.

Orlando real terrorists detected

It is now widely known that the Orlando gay night club extremist murdered forty nine people in cold blood and wounded 50 more before being shot by the authorities in a firefight ensuing the massacre.

The attacker was later identified as Omar Mateen, the son of an Afghan migrant. Mateen was born and raised in the US. This makes it extremely weird to tie him to the worldwide Muslim community with which he had apparently no connection at all.

It has also been alleged that Orlando, Florida night club massacre mastermind Omar Mateen, has pledged allegiance to the Middle Eastern extremist group ISIS through the internet.

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More bizarre is the fact that the Islamic State immediately claimed responsibility of the attack stating through its media website that one of its soldiers carried out the attack.

This was enough to sway public opinion in America against Muslims since it was evident that a Muslim had carried out the attack at the behest of his Muslim commanders thousands of miles away. This automatically makes every Muslim a suspect in the eyes of Americans.

The American media has made it seem that any Muslim anywhere in the world with an internet connection is a potential threat to the entire nation.

It brings out the point where we look for the Orlando massacre real terrorist. As anyone with only a modicum of knowledge regarding criminal investigation would know that whenever there is a crime, the one who gains the most through it becomes the prime suspect.

Florida Nightclub Shooting: Orlando Real Terrorists Detected

Unfortunately, the American media forgets this most basic principle whenever something like this happens.

Orlando real terrorists detected is a phrase that we may use while trying to look behind the scenes of this crime, who gains the most through it, and who had the time, inclination and the means to carry out this attack in the heart of America.

It is now an established fact that the Israeli agencies have a sizeable presence in the Middle East where they are busy pouring oil of fire that is engulfing the entire region. Their connections with various extremist groups in the region have also come to light. They have successfully cultivated many assets whom they are using to tarnish the image of Muslims all over the world.

Orlando real terrorists detected – this can only be accomplished when we closely look into the situation in the Middle East and come to the conclusion that Israel has been cornered to some extent. Its crimes against helpless Palestinians have been revealed to the entire world and the Western opinion regarding this usurper has been tilting towards the negative.

It is a time when the world has recognized Palestine as a separate entity with its own observer seat in the United Nations. These are drastic times for Israel and need drastic measures if it means to survive.

The only hope this tiny nation has right now is in the form of the Republican candidate Donald Trump whose hatred for Muslims is not hidden from anyone. Though, Trump has become very popular in America despite his hate filled speeches, he is actually quite behind Hillary Clinton when it comes to actual votes.

In this politically charged environment, Omar Mateen comes along and offers a great opportunity to the Israeli lobby to make people believe that all Muslims are killers.

Orlando nightclub real terrorist are actually Israeli agencies that used their assets with the ISIS and carried out this heinous crime in America so that they could tilt the American public opinion in favor of Donald Trump.

From what we are seeing in the US media, the Israeli lobbies are currently winning this media war. However, Israeli secret agencies and the Zionist lobbies are behind the Orlando nightclub shooting.

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