Donald Trump Says Russia Should be Welcomed in the anti-IS Coalition

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump once again stated that America should welcome Russia as a partner in the war against the Islamic State.

Donald Trump says Russia should be welcomed in the anti-IS coalition

The billionaire businessman from New York shared these thoughts in front of a rally in Milford, New Hampshire. Trump praised Russia’s willingness to use its air power against Daesh and noted that America should also show the same readiness to use its overwhelming military power in order to crush the extremist group.

The Islamic state is banned in America and Russia as well as several other countries around the globe. He also said that it would be great if America worked with Russia so that the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq can be totally eradicated. He made no attempts at hiding his glee at the beating that the group was taking at the hands of Russians.

Donald Trump revealed to the public that he had been under immense pressure to denounce the Russian president Vladimir Putin after the latter publicly praised Trump. However, Donald Trump refrained from revealing the names of the persons who had mounted pressure on him. He further said that he refused to give in to the pressure.

Donald Trump also declared that it was time the United States shed its role as the policeman of the entire world. He said:

“We’ve become the policeman of the rest of the world. They pay us peanuts.”

Donald Trump secured second position in the Iowa caucuses on Monday after Senator Ted Cruz. He is now focused on the New Hampshire primaries scheduled February 09. Last December, Vladimir Putin had called Donald Trump a talented and brilliant person. Ever since then, Trump has been wearing these compliments by the Russian president as a badge of honor.

Russia has entered the civil war in Syria on behalf of Bashar al Assad. Since September 30 last year, Russian aircrafts are bombing Syria under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State, however, there is no differentiation between Islamic State and Western backed rebels when it comes to Russian bombing campaigns. It is believed that Russians are actually annihilating anyone whose opposes the Assad regime – its only ally in the Middle East.

Vladimir Putin is also at odds with NATO over violation of Turkish, and by extension – NATO airspace. Turkey has also shot down a Russian jet over these violations. Despite repeated warnings by Turkish authorities, and NATO officials, Russian aircrafts are still violating NATO airspace.

It seems that this is the kind of attitude that Mr. Trump, himself an outspoken person, is finding so attractive in the Russian president.

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