Zika virus Found in US

It is being reported that the Zika virus found in US had been transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Zika virus Found in US

It is not a mosquito bite, which is usually the case when it comes to the transmission of Zika virus. Rather, the Zika Virus found in US was transmitted through sexual activity.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that the infected person in Texas has reportedly caught this infection during to sexual contact.

The patient had not been to any of the areas in South America that are infected by Zika virus, however, their partner had been to Venezuela recently.

Zika virus found in US is the same infection that is spreading like wildfire in the Americas. Carried by mosquitoes, the Zika virus is being thought of as the reason for thousands of babies who have been born with small skulls.

The Zika virus has become an epidemic in the Americas. The World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency due to the disease that is linked with this virus.

The American Red Cross has requested blood donors who have returned from areas that have been hit by Zika virus, not to donate blood for at least 28 days until they are sure that they have not contacted this disease. This warning applies to all those people who have come back from Mexico, South America and the Caribbean during the past one month.

Brazil is the country that has been worst hit by this epidemic. The country has reported more than 3,600 cases of microcephaly which is linked to this virus. Out of these cases, more than 400 hundred have been confirmed.

It is believed that the Zika virus mainly spreads through mosquitoes, but it can also spread through sexual intercourse. The case of Zika virus found in US has been allegedly transmitted through this process.

If the phenomenon is confirmed, it will mean that the virus is a potential threat to every country in the world rather than only those that has Aedes mosquitoes.

Authorities are saying that sexual transmission of the disease is rare, however, last year they had also claimed that Zika virus itself was a rare. The way it is currently spreading in the Americas has negated this claim. Zika outbreak has taken the world by surprise since there are several questions associated with this disease that are not answered yet.

Since Zika virus found in US, people are asking the frequency of sexual transmission of this disease. They are also questioning the claims made by experts that sexual transmission of this disease is rare.

There is another question which is troubling people: in most cases, there almost no symptoms of the disease. How can one know if the person they are having sex with is not infected? Zika infection is very mild and become a threat only during pregnancy.

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