Ariel Winter is Not Ashamed to Show Her Scars

Young actress Ariel Winter bares her breast reduction scars on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016.

Ariel Winter is Not Ashamed to Show Her Scars

The 18 year old star is becoming a role model for teens around the globe, especially for those who have less confidence in their appearances and their bodies.

At the awards ceremony on Monday, Ariel Winter made no attempt to hide the scars from her breast reduction surgery. In fact, she chose to wear a dress that made them visible. A day after the awards, she talked about her choice of clothing the previous night on social media:

The ‘Modern Family’ star further stated that there was a reason why she did not cover up those scars. She said the scars are a part of her and she is not ashamed of them at all.

Ariel Winter used to have a 32F bust which made choosing dresses – especially for awards ceremonies – really difficult for her. In April 2015, she finally decided to go through a surgery in order to get rid of the paid she was experiencing.

Ariel Winter also shared her resolve with her fans that she will never again go under the knife. However, she did not regret having gone through this one.

For Ariel Winter, it is very important to talk about her experience because there are many young girls in the world who are suffering as she did. But they are unable to go through with a surgery owing to the stigma attached to the phenomenon.

Last year, Ariel Winter had said during an interview that it was very difficult to navigate through life for a busty fifteen year old girl.

Ariel Winter, however, emphasized the point that the decision to get surgical treatment for her breasts was hers. She did it on her own accord and is amazingly happy with the results. Ariel Winter had never planned to cover those scars. She says that they make her proud.

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