Kylie Jenner Follows Sister Kim’s Footsteps in a Strapless Latex Dress

Ever since Kylie Jenner turned 18, she has been following her elder sister Kim Kardashian in her satirical choices.

Kylie Jenner Follows Sister Kim’s Footsteps in a Strapless Latex Dress

On Monday night, the young starlet did it yet again when she slipped into a skin tight red latex strapless dress while she was leaving a L.A. studio. Sister Kim is known for wearing these kinds of dresses; however, her favorite color was pink.

This happened just before the young reality show star shared a gift guide for Valentine’s Day on her own website the The guide included several racy items.

This is something that the fans of the Kardashian’s have seen before. Elder sister Kim started the latex trend when she was seen in an Atsuko Kudo dress. Several other celebrities followed in her footsteps.

After that, it was another reality star, Chloe Sims and the British singer Rita Ora who took to wearing latex. Pixie Lott and Jennifer Metcalfe were the ones who came next in the latex list.

It is now obvious that Kim Kardashian’s style has also rubbed off her junior sister Kylie Jenner who was seen and pictured in a strapless red PVC piece by Atsuko Kudo.

It seems that bondage themes are becoming the most preferred satirical concept these days. This is perhaps due to the Hollywood flick ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ Kylie Jenner looked perfect in her daring outfit which looked as if it had been painted onto her body.

The dress featured no straps and it seemed that Kylie Jenner was pulling it up lest it fall down. There was a thin black belt featured in the eye-popping item. It touched Kylie Jenner’s knees.

Further glamour was added to the attire with the help of black pumps. Kylie Jenner wore her tresses towards the side and looking down just like Veronica Lake.

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