How to Become Millionaire With Technology

It is said that you will be a millionaire when it’s the right time but you should consider yourself millionaire in your thoughts already. Here are some examples of legendary millionaires who made their way through technology. Let’s see how to become millionaire with technology by following their paths.

First of all never try a short cut. Be principled and never lose hope. If you want to know how to become millionaire with technology study your field experts and their success life.

Marc Andreesen:

Current Prosperity: $700 Million.

How to Become Millionaire With Technology Marc Andreessen

An entrepreneur and a software engineer, Marc Andreesen has approximately total wealth of $700 million. Now, if we think about the route of his success. He has been named in list of top most powerful people of the world. He is also a dominant person in many powerful companies like Facebook, Twitter, e-bay and others. His career hits the sky when he with his co-worker developed the Mosaic Web Browser.

Now if somebody has command in information technology, start thinking about inventing new products and invest in big IT companies. Make new applications, it might click! You can make money if your app hits the market.

Nathan Myhrvold:

Current Prosperity: $650 Million.

How to Become Millionaire With Technology Nathan Myhrvold

Former leading technology officer at Microsoft as well as the Co-Creator at intellectual ventures has approximately wealth of $650 Million. He has an excellent academic record, he has a PHD degree in Mathematical economics. He is working on a nuclear authority that would work for 30 years consecutive. He is the founder of Microsoft Research also. He earned his dosh through his power of knowledge.

He is a prevailing officiator of US science and engineering board. He has a wonderful career certainly. He claimed that Apple, Facebook as well as Microsoft are customers of his portfolios. One can idealize him by polishing skills in particular field and then implement practically.

Paul Buchheit:

Current Prosperity: $600 Million.

How to Become Millionaire With Technology Paul Buchheit

An outstanding systems analyst in Microsoft, Paul Buchheit has recent prosperity of $600 Million. He is one of the core founders of Gmail. He introduced the concept of friend feeding which was picked up by Facebook later. He made investments of more than 1 Million in more than 32 companies. According to him people should work for the progress of society. Avail the resources you have and exploit them in the factual way. He thinks by using environmental resources there would be enough facilities like food, shelter, education for each and every person of society. He worked smart in the field of technology and that’s how to become millionaire with technology.


These millionaires have made their way by reaching the edge of their fields. They made their career by working hard as well as working smart. Always save to invest in your business. I have mentioned these millionaire so you can get your ideal. Study them and follow their ways.

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