Orlando Shooting: Israel Behind Orlando Terror Attack

Around 50 people lost their lives and 50 more were wounded in the Orlando terror attack when a gay nightclub was attacked by a lone man during the early hours of Sunday June 12, 2016. The gunman killed several people and took others hostage. The drama culminated hours later in the killing of the perpetrator of the Orlando terrorist attacker at the hands of the law enforcement officials.

Orlando Terror Attack

It has been revealed through several sources that the attacker was a US born afghan national Omar Mateen. Mateen was allegedly in touch with ISIS and had also pledged allegiance to the group.

ISIS claimed responsibility for Florida terror attack through its own news agency saying that it was carried out by one if its soldiers. The Orlando attack is being regarded in the US as the worst terror attack after September 11.

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The wider opinion of Christians, Muslims and Jews after the terror attacks in France and Belgium had been deeply polarized. In fact, this division is definitely visible on the social media where general public is usually seen hurling insults at each other.

Of course, general people cannot be blamed for holding these extremist ideas since most people cannot analyze these issues in depth and are swayed by perceptions, prejudices and previous beliefs.

Then, there are the political leaders who leave no chance to manipulate these attacks to their own advantage so that their vote banks could be increased. Another factor is the pressure exerted from the religious establishments and nationalist elements that have their own sinister agendas to follow.

As with any usual suspect, ISIS is the first name that comes to mind whenever there is a terror attack anywhere in the world. Not a single thought is given to the possibility that there might be someone else behind this group – a group that has its own objectives. This is why a realistic analysis is called for in order to see who is behind Orlando terror attack?

Before the attacks in France and Belgium, intelligence agencies of various western countries had warned that something of the likes may happen in these cities.

These warnings were manipulated by Israeli agencies that were seeking to renew and revive the global war on terror. It must be noted here that both France and Belgium have officially recognized the state of Palestine despite vehement Israeli protests. Israel was under immense pressure to resume talks with the Palestinians for a two-state solution as envisaged in the Oslo accord. Israel was further irritated by boycott of its products in the EU.

In this background, and the alleged links between Israeli agency Mossad and some ISIS figure, it cannot be totally ruled out that attacks on European soil were carried out at the behest of Mossad.

Another factor that lends credence to the fact that there may be a connection between ISIS and Mossad is that fact that the former has conducted several terrorist attacks in America, Europe, Syria, Iraq and even Lebanon. But Israel which is the sworn enemy of every jihadist organization has been spared the ISIS carnage. Why?

General public in Europe has largely ignored this question. Right wing politicians in Europe have been busy whipping up public sentiment against Muslims who are facing a severe backlash. There have been talks for expelling Muslim refugees from Europe, and actions have also been taken with dictators in Africa to stem their flow through the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, the situation in Syria has become very difficult with Syrian forces backed by Iran, Russia and Hezbollah one side and the rebels on the other.

Add ISIS to mix and you have a situation that is clearly out of hands. Russian planes are daily bombing Syrian cities with no regard for civilian casualties.

Assad is clinging to the presidency and the rebels are adamant in their appeal for Assad to step down. In America an anti-Muslim nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump is making gains and seems to be inching towards the presidency.

After the Orlando terror attack Trump once again slammed president Obama calling him weak. He reiterated his resolve to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

It may be concluded from the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack that Mossad may have used its ISIS cohorts to plan and execute this heinous crime in order to further its own interests and divert the attention of the general public from the Palestinian issue and what is going on in Syria.

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