France Airstrike shakes the entire ISIS network in Syria

The bombing in France by ISIS brought a great reaction at the doorstep of Syria. As retaliation French Government dispatched a ruthless French airstrike against Syria. This drastic action made extreme assaults in Syria, focusing on the Islamic State’s protection in Raqqa only two days after the pre-planned assaults in Paris that killed more than 129 individuals.

France Airstrike shakes the entire ISIS network in Syria

French planes started a sequence of massive air strikes on ISIS in Syria as the nation began its merciless revenge for the dread assaults on Paris. Various sources confirmed that bombarding was led by ten military aircraft which dropped 20 bombs on the capital Raqqa making clear that they can defend their land.

These actions leading to a fearful battle as a terror key war plot seems to be initiated by France preparing camp and weapons dump, tossing the city into frenzy. The bombardment came only two days after President Francois Hollande openly declared that a co-ordinate assault in Paris killed up to 129 individuals and was a demonstration of war. He then promised the nation to strike ISIS in Syria without consequences.

France Airstrike shakes the entire ISIS network in Syria 2

A report published by UN officials declares the France airstrike on ISIS include 10 warrior planes who drove at the same time from the United Middle Easterner Emirates crossing Jordan to Syria. It was mentioned that 20 bombs were dropped including that the operation had taken place on Sunday evening.

Independent Columnist claims that the action was completed by a joint effort of US and France strengths that struck a war room including community for jihadists, a weapons station, and a preparation camp for contenders is ready to act on.

The activists inside Raqqa propose the France airstrike on Raqqa targets were known ISIS areas including Division 17 which is an armed force base toward the north of the city that had been under ISIS control since July 2014. Raqqa is considered to be the capital of the Islamic State’s domain.

France Airstrike shakes the entire ISIS network in Syria 1

The after effect shows that inside Syria the bombings had cut water and power supplies over Raqqa. A French authority has additionally distinguished the related planning with the Paris assaults as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud. A large scale manhunt is in progress for associates of the Islamist cell including one of the bomb plotters who is still in pursue. Today police let him go in a string of mind-boggling security flops at first and then afterward the crime sentence on Friday night.

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