Android Lollipop vs. KitKat

Android from its inception is bettering its operating system with every subsequent version making the OS more user friendly, advanced and attractive. With no surprises Android Lollipop the latest update from android delivers what is expected from this leading operating system, outdoing the previous version, which is Android KitKat. Here are your answers for Android Lollipop Vs.  KitKat.

Android Lollipop vs. KitKat

1: Flashlight:

Taking after the iOS feature Android Lollipop has introduced an inbuilt flashlight for the purpose of your notifications. You no longer need to download a third party app for this purpose.

2: Battery:

Taking the cue from the biggest problem users’ face, Android Lollipop seems to have paid much attention to battery woes of users. Unlike in Kitkat, Lollipop shows how much time it would take for your phone to completely charge and how much time is left before you run out of battery. Lollipop definitely takes a point here in Android Lollipop vs. KitKat.

3: Guest User:

This is another handy feature that has been introduced on Lollipop. Now you can create a guest user account for allowing others to use your phone, here you can restrict the amount of information that can be viewed by the guest. This allows you to allow others using your phone without worrying about the guest having access to private information. Hence in the Android Lollipop Vs. KitkKat, Lollipop would definitely take the lead.

4: Notifications:

Making the interface more user friendly from the KitKat version, Lollipop allows users to have a brief peek into the notifications when your phone is locked. This can be viewed as being disadvantageous for a few, they can disable this feature in their settings.

5: Smart Lock:

This smart feature on Lollipop allows something called ‘trusted places’. Once you enter the zone chosen as your trusted place, the lock on your phone is disabled and you can use your phone without unlocking it every time. This feature can be enabled in your settings. In Android Lollipop Vs. KitKat the security point definitely belongs to Lollipop

6: Multitasking:

This is a major upgrade in Android Lollipop. It now allows you to use multiple apps on the same pane, like you would on your desktop.  You can also view more details about notifications before you open them.

7: Choose your apps:

Lollipop allows you to prioritize apps unlike in KitKat. You can choose which apps to receive notifications from through the day. Constant notifications from all apps can be a bit annoying and can also drain your battery.

All being said, if you were to consider  the question Android Lollipop Vs. KitKat the only drawback in Lollipop which was not there in KitKat is the silent option by using the power button. In KitKat one could long press the power button and the phone would immediately switch to silent. This is removed in Lollipop. All in all the newer Lollipop is much better than KitKat.

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