A Few Shocking Facts About Kim Kardashian Sex Life

Kim Kardashian sex life has been vehemently discussed on the internet but few people are aware of some shocking facts regarding the celebrity.

A Few Shocking Facts About Kim Kardashian Sex Life

Kim Kardashian sex life is a widely discussed topic over the internet. This is because she is one of the most famous and sought-after celebrities of today who has successfully transformed herself from a stylist to a multimillion dollar brand.

If we take the list of most searched people over the internet released by Google, we will come to the conclusion that Kim is the most famous personality on earth.

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Kim Kardashian sex life is also the talk of the town owing to her successful TV show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ her straightforward interviews and highly provocative snaps that make their way to the social media website from time to time.

Kim Kardashian Sex Life

Kim Kardashian has spent the last decade in the spotlight; however, there are many facts about her and her sex life that may be considered shocking by even her most ardent fans.

Kim sex life

It will be shocking to know that Kim Kardashian attended an all-girls Catholic school. The same school had a requirement of doing 100 hours of community service before they graduated. Kim still has photos from her high school in which she doesn’t look as sexy.

Another fact about the diva is that she celebrated her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson’s ranch. She was dating one of the pop star’s nephews and that’s how she got a chance to celebrate her birthday at a private amusement park. Kim still has very fond memories of that place.

There was time when Kim could not even dream of attending the Met Gala. At that time she was a closet organizer for the elite of Hollywood. She organized closets for Cindy Crawford, Nicky Hilton, Serena Williams and Nicole Richie. She also worked as a stylist for the likes of Lindsay Lohan.

Before ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ became a hit, Kim appeared in ‘The Simple Life’ as a crew of Paris Hilton. She would organize their stuff and act as their stylist. She also revealed during an interview that Paris is a compulsive shopper.

The most shocking thing about Kim Kardashian is that she became famous after her sex tape with Ray J was leaked. Back in 2003, Kim was in a relationship with Ray.

The video was made in 2003 and Kim says that it was released without her permission. The sex video catapulted her to worldwide fame. Kim is currently married to the famous rapper Kanye West with whom she has two children.

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