A few shocking Facts about Emily Ratajkowski disclosed

Emily Ratajkowski is one model among thousands of other who has successfully held the attention of an international audience

A few shocking Facts about Emily Ratajkowski disclosed

The bombshell from Britain has always been a success at the runway, however, recently she has revealed that she may prefer another kind of fashion: the topless photoshoot.

A latest photoshoot carried out for Jacquie Aiche shows the model in her pants and jewelry, but she is not wearing any shorts. Obviously, the pictures posted on a social media website became instant hits.

Fans do not seem enough of their favorite model, but what they actually know about Emily Ratajkowski may be very little. Here are five shocking facts about the model that no one would have known before.

Birth and beginning:

Emily Ratajkowski was born in London to an unmarried American couple. She grew up in San Diego where her parents moved when she was only five years old. She is of Irish, German, Polish and Jewish descent. Her childhood was spent roaming different places in Europe.

Start of the Modeling career:

She got her first modeling assignment when she was only 14 years old. Her parents, however, refrained her from taking it as a full time job unless she had completed her formal education. A good education is not only academically important, it also serves as a safety net in case the modeling career fails to take off. She did go to the university but left it after a year.

Acting Assignments:

It is another shocking fact about Emily Ratajkowski that most of her fans don’t know: she has worked in such hit movies as ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Entourage’. She had also worked in a Nickelodeon show. She has also appeared in an uncensored version of a music video. She was featured in the video with nothing on her body except a G-String.


It would come as a shocking fact to some of her fans that Emily Ratajkowski is very actively involved in activism. Her main charity is Planned Parenthood. She raises fund for this charity and also appear in its public service announcements. She is also a very vocal supporter of female empowerment.

No issues with nudity:

Emily Ratajkowski has made it very clear that she has no issues with nudity. It is also evident from her work in the video for ‘Blurred Lines’. However, the nudity should not be distasteful. She believes that human nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.

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