Mia Khalifa shares her Amazon Wish List with Fans

The list makes it clear that some delicious Italian food is needed to win her heart. Now Mia Khalifa shares her Amazon wish list with fans

Mia Khalifa shares her Amazon Wish List with Fans

Mia Khalifa is arguably the most widely searched star in America. The 23-year-old star seldom shares her Amazon wish list over her Twitter page, however, when she chooses to share it, her fans become immensely curious to know what is on that list. Mia has recently shared her Amazon wish list and it seems that the Pornhub star’s list of gifts and goodies are very much Italian.

Mia Khalifa refrained from sharing her Amazon wish list at the time of Christmas which made her social media fans wonder about her particular likes and dislikes. Now, the fans of the Lebanese – American sizzler are able to get an inkling of their favorite star’s wishes.

Mia Khalifa also asked people on the Amazon page to send her their email addresses so that she will be able to offer her thanks to them. She wrote:

“guys, please include either an email or social media handle so i can thank you properly!”

On March 25, Mia Khalifa shared her Amazon wish list on social media. In fact, she shared the link to her own Amazon page of wish list and wrote that she had finally updated the list.

The items on Mia Khalifa’s Amazon wish list surprised several of her fans because they included cooking books, utensils, kitchenware and ingredients used for cooking Italian cuisines. In short, the wise list features a lot of items that would allow the young star to prepare some serious Pizza and Pasta.

Many of her fans were astonished to find that there were no flashlights or other such things on Mia’s list. Others were pleased to know that the porn star is interested in cooking.

The wish list also includes ‘Final Fantasy VII: Remake and it has given some of her most ardent fans an idea about how they can win the heart of their beloved actress.

One of her fans replied to her post that he was already preparing Italian Pizza and playing the Final Fantasy. Another wrote that Mia Khalifa is her dream wife because he has the ability to fulfill her entire wishlist immediately.

Watching Mia Khalifa’s Amazon wish list has made it clear that they way to her heart go through her stomach.

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