Mia Khalifa: Shocking Facts about Adult Video Star Revealed

Mia Khalifa is a native of Lebanon where she is considered a disgrace to the entire nation

Mia Khalifa: Shocking Facts about Adult Video Star Revealed

It took Mia khalifa a very short time since her first adult video in late 2014, to become one of the most famous adult stars in the world. The 23 year old Mia Khalifa is originally from Beirut, Lebanon.

Besides her porn video clips in which she is seen indulging in explicit sexual acts, she is also very active on social media websites. Adult film star Mia Khalifa, boasts more than nine hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

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All these follower are treated to the adult video star’s regular words of wisdom regarding social issues, celebrities, politics, sports personalities and other issue. In fact, Mia Khalifa is a very enthusiastic sports star and she became disappointed like the rest of the people on Friday when Michigan State suffered a sudden upset in the NCAA Basketball tournament.

Despite her seemingly open-mindedness regarding herself and her willingness to talk about almost everything, there are many things about the young star that are not crystal clear to her fans.

Keeping this in view, Michael McCrudden, an actor and a comedian from Canada ran a 5-minute episode on about Mia Khalifa who is also known by the name of Mia Callista. The episode was posted on Friday on a video sharing website. There is no adult material featured in the episode.


The adult video star chose the name of Khalifa meaning leader. Mia is an Arab, however, she is not a Muslim. In fact, she belongs to a Christian family of Beirut. Mia has also been seen indulging in sexual acts while wearing a hijab – a traditional head covering usually worn by Muslim women.

These videos were not very well received in her native Lebanon where she was regarded as a disgrace. The young star also received death threats after the videos were seen in Lebanon. In these videos, Mia Khalifa had left little to imagination despite the hijab.

Mia Khalifa’s native Middle East may have been hasty in disgracing her because a recent survey has reported that online pornography is extremely popular in the region.

In fact, most of the global searches for online adult material are being carried out from the Middle East. Another thing about the 23 year old university graduate that is little known is that she is a happily married person despite her profession.

At least, she was married when a popular news channel had reported that she was married to an American with whom she was living in Florida. Mia Khalifa had been disowned by her family and she has no contact with them.

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