Reality behind FlyDubai Plane Crash in Russia, 62 dead

The passenger plane belonging to FlyDubai went down in the city of Rostov-on-Don

FlyDubai Plane Crash in Russia

A passenger plane crashed in the southern parts of Russia in Rostov-on-Don. The city is located around 600 miles from the capital, Moscow. At least 55 passengers and seven crew members were killed in the accident.

The Russia plane crash occurred at 00:50 GMT and 3:50 local time on Saturday. Other flights scheduled on the same airport have immediately been cancelled. There are reports that the unfortunate plane did not land at the first attempt. It circled the site for two hours and crashed while it was trying to land the second time. The plane went down more than 200 meters before the runway started.

Reality behind the FlyDubai plane was a Boeing 737 was coming from the Gulf emirate of Dubai. It missed the runway while it was trying to make a landing. The causes of the crash have still not been established but officials are initially suggesting that the Russia plane crash may have occurred due to low visibility. Windy atmosphere may also have contributed to the crash.

Most of the passengers who perished in the plane crash were Russians. Four young children also lost their lives. A statement released by the Russians said that forty four Russians, two Indians, one Uzbek and eight Ukrainians lost their lives.

The pilot of the plane was from Cyprus and the co-pilot from Spain. The Russians had earlier stated that the entire crew of the plane was from Russia. Footage of the crash showed a huge explosion and a flash.

The Russian committee for investigating the crash stated:

“The aircraft hit the ground and broke into pieces”

Witnesses say that the houses in the vicinity of the crash shook with the explosion. The sky became red like no one had ever seen before. There is nothing left of the plane except for the debris scattered all over the place.

Hundreds of rescue workers reached the site in Rostov-on-Don where the crash had occurred. The extinguished the fires and began rescue operation immediately.

The two data recorders of the flight were found and authorities were working on ascertaining the cause of the fateful crash. FlyDubai confirmed on its Facebook page that one of its planes had met an accident. It further stated that the emergency response team had started its work.

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