Mia Khalifa Reveals Her Love for Batman

The 23-year old star Mia Khalifa shared pictures with Batman Tattoo

Mia Khalifa Reveals Her Love for Batman

Mia Khalifa is arguably the most widely searched adult movie star on Pornhub. She is known to be an avid fan of all sports including basketball and football.

The Lebanese – American bombshell is about to share her latest fantasy with her fans: the caped crusader. And this is only days before the release of the highly anticipated movie ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. What is more! Mia Khalifa has amalgamated her love for sports and affection for Batman on the same podium.

Her recent posts on a social media website revealed that the famous pornstar has taken a liking to the songs featured in the latest mix-tape that has been uploaded on SoundCloud by Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Apparently, Mia Khalifa doesn’t seem to get enough of the title ‘Gotham’ featured in the list.

The adorable star expressed her thoughts on the song which according to her is an ode to herself.

The caption with the tattoo read:

“So @L_Bell26 just dropped his mixtape & I’m pretty sure “Gotham” off it is an ode to me.”

Mia Khalifa is always known to be very vocal on social media networks when it comes to showing her likes and dislikes for sportsmen.

She was also involved in a controversy that revolved around a NFL player. Moreover, she also claimed once that she was the unofficial and undeclared and mascot of Florida State Seminoles – The football team of the Florida State University.

The adult model Mia Khalifa was recently spotted in the Arena of the American Airlines where she was seen watching the match between Washington Wizards and Miami Heat.

However, there are certain characters and sports personalities whom Mia Khalifa simply loves. Batman is certainly one of them.

Only last year, Mia Khalifa had said that it was one of her goals for 2016 to play fantasy football with the Pittsburgh Steelers star. A couple of months ago, Mia changed her profile on a social media site.

In the new picture, she was seen wearing a tube that featured the logo of the Batman. This apparently showed her fans how much she loved the caped crusader.

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