Obama to Enhance US Army Presence in Syria

The US administration plans to put more troops in the country in order to increase the momentum against the Islamic State.Obama plans to increase US army presence in the Middle Eastern country. 

Obama to Enhance US Army Presence in Syria

US President Barack Obama is shortly going to announce his decision to send more army personnel to Syria. This will be a noticeable increase in US army presence in the Middle Eastern country which is battling the Islamic State.

With this planned deployment, the total number of American troops in Syria will become 300. The move is seen as growing confidence in the US backed moderate opposition forces inside the country as they wrestle back territory from the extremist group. Obama will make the announcement in Hanover, Germany and also explain why he has decided to send more US army to Syria.

Obama has already discussed the crisis with his German counterpart. Obama will also meet other leaders from Europe during his trip. The Islamic State or Daesh is in control of Raqqa in Syria as well as Mosul in Iraq which is the country’s second largest city. It is also a threat to countries in the West where it has claimed to have carried out devastating attacks during the course of the previous few months.

Obama was adamant to put US boots on the ground in Syria which is in the midst of a gruesome and prolonged civil war that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Last year he sent only 50 US army. The US administration did not elaborate how many of the troops were special operations forces.

When Obama was elected to the office in 2008, he pledged that he will cut back the number of US troops from the Middle East and Afghanistan, however, the changing mechanics of the region have made it necessary to send more troops rather than cutting back their numbers.

President Obama recently stated that the U.S. led coalition which was battling the Islamic State had made some notable gains and snatched back territory from the group. He also said that the extremist group was also being squeezed financially.

Islamic State is also losing ground in Iraq since it has to abandon the city of Ramadi. They have also been pushed out of the city of Palmyra in Syria.

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