Video shows Chinese couple forced to have sex openly

Stepping into marriage is a courageous thing–and this is especially true in China. A newlywed couple in the country was recently urged by the guests to have sex in front of them.

Video shows Chinese couple forced to have sex openly

Having sex in front of wedding guest

A recent video released by the Chinese media showed a couple having sex in front of wedding guests. It was revealed in the video that the couple was forced to do this by the guests themselves. The guests were also seen enjoying the scene and cheering gleefully.

Wedding games

In china, newlyweds are regularly subjected to rather rude forms of wedding games. These games would involve stripping down before the guests and many other weird things.

These wedding games are common in China and almost all every couple that dares to get married, has to go through with it.

The Clip

The two-minute clip released by Chinese media showed a bride and her groom as they are sitting under a lucky duvet. The duvet is red in color. Both of them are only barely dressed.

We can also see the decorated bedroom. There are many items used for decoration almost all of which are red in color. Red color is regarded as lucky in China. Many female guests ask the couple to get rid of their pants.

One of the excited guests takes off a pair of grey colored leggings. These are supposed to belong to the bride. Then, the bride hands over her red colored underwear to one of her friends.

The same thing happens to the groom who hands over his black underwear to the giggling guests.

After a lot of urging by the guests, the naked couple hugs each other inside the bed. However, this fails to satisfy the guests.

One of the female guests commands the bride to climb onto the groom’s body. Another one pulls the bride’s thigh forcing her to lay over the groom. One of the guests is heard asking the couple if they were attached to each other.

A female guest offers help to the couple by pressing the buttocks of the bride against her groom. This was done through the duvet. There is laughter among the guests.

Still Unsatisfied

The guests are still unsatisfied by the couple’s performance. Once they were sure that both of them were in the right position for sex, they removed the duvet exposing their bodies.

The groom tried to cover himself and his new wife with the duvet which earned them another laughter from the guests. The video went viral over the internet.

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