Emily Ratajkowski shares topless bikini photo from Mexico

She became famous when she stripped in the Blurred Lines video for Robin Thicke. Her latest Topless bikini photo reveals that in the three years since Emily Ratajkowski first stripped for the video, she hasn’t become shy about exposing her flesh for the camera.

Emily Ratajkowski shares topless bikini photo

Emily Ratajkowski topless photo

The 25 year old Emily Ratajkowski topless photo is not something new since she regularly posts her own naked photos on social media networks.

She also appeared topless in the hit movie ‘Gone Girl.’ On Tuesday, the young woman again did not leave anything to the imagination of the viewer.

Holiday in Mexico

Emily Ratajkowski is current on holiday in Cancun, Mexico. She is accompanied by some of her friends. The topless photos of Emily Ratajkowski were taken on the Mexican beach where the girl showed off her entire gorgeous figure.

The model and occasional actress donned a black swimsuit. She chose to remove its top while she bathed in the sun.

Steamy photos

A friend of Emily Ratajkowski snapped a few steamy photos of the young hot model as she posed topless. After having pulled down the flimsy straps of the swimsuit, Emily covered her breasts with her hands. This was seen in most of the pictures.

The topless beauty bared everything as she dipped in the cool water after spending some time soaking the sun.

Black Swimsuit

The black swimsuit was a high cut tiny piece of works which made sure that every inch of her back was also fully exposed.

The actress from ‘We Are Your Friends’ was wearing her brunette locks down. Later she pulled her hair into a bun. Obviously, she was not afraid that her hair will be soaked in water when she went swimming.

She was not wearing any make-up. In some of the pictures, Emily was seen wearing large sunglasses possibly from a famous designer.

The hot model of Sports Illustrated magazine was also see splashing in the water with two of her female friends. Some of these pictures have also been shared on the internet.

She also shared a video of herself on the internet. In the video, Emily is seen topless and dancing on the beach.

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