5 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Helps To Build Your Business

When anybody thinks about blogging, they always consider creating and publishing their own blog. And while this strategy is valid and efficient, it might not be the one that will bring you the best results on its own. This is particularly true when you are new in the game, and very few people will actually follow your blog. So your goal should be to create an audience first.

Plus, you might not have the time, the expertise, or even the money so to start your own blog – yes, it is very cheap or free to create a blog, but it can become much more expensive when you go professional, as you might have to pay for hosting services, images, proofreading services, etc.

And here is where guest blogging can be everything that you were looking for, as it will give you the chance to post without all the hassle. But these are just a few reasons why guest blogging can help you to build your business, as you will see below.

Guest Blogging

Reason 1# – Guest Blogging will give you an audience

The first thing that guest blogging will give to you is an audience, as they already have one. It will let their users know that you exist just for starters. And, considering that you are writing for the best websites or blogs that they already enjoy, they might give your article a try, meaning that they will actually read it, which is enough good news for you.

If you have done a good job, the readers might even leave you a comment, share your post, subscribe to your e-mail list, and start looking forward to your next article. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Reason 2# – Guest Blogging will establish you as an expert in your field

If you are lucky enough to guest blog for a website with a well-respected reputation, you will be instantly establishing yourself as an expert in your field. This can be a big deal for you, as it not only will boost the traffic to your own blog, but will help you to sell e-books, courses, talks, and more.

In other words, becoming an expert yourself is the best way to up your personal branding. Your name and contacts will be spread way, and your career will be taken to the next level. Just be prepare to deal with the demand that will come from that – and don’t you dare to complain about it.

Reason 3# – Guest Blogging will help you to practice your writing

If you are new on the field, guest blogging will help you to practice your writing. But committing to deadlines and following instructions from people who already know how to do it, you are bound to learn about content marketing on a daily basis.

It certainly sounds scary, that you will expose yourself without being sure of the quality of your work. But you are soon going to understand that you also need to learn more about accepting criticism as your best friend. So just do you best to improve your writing skills and that it from there.

Reason 4# – Guest Blogging will boost your social media

It is very likely that your social media contacts, or at least one of them, will be published along with your guest post. That is to say that the website’s audience will get to know it, and some (or many) of them might start following you, boosting your metrics. This the bright side.

The another side is that you should tidy up your accounts and profiles before publishing your first post. Make sure that your identity is consistent everywhere (professional pictures included!) to avoid confusion or that your new audience sees you as a fraud.

Reason 5# – Guest Blogging will allow you to improve your networking

Now that you are famous and an expert with a high traffic both on your website and social media accounts, it isn’t only your audience that will want to know more about you. You might be surprised by the number of people who might look for your services as a content writer, a consultant, or whatever expertise you are publishing about in your posts. If everything goes well, you might not even have to look for clients again. Better than that, you might be the one choosing them.

You will also be able to e-meet influencers and other bloggers who are already guest blogging for the same website as you and learn from them. They can also become your sources for interviews, or give you the best tips of your life. If nothing else, even maybe a free couch on your next trip.

In Conclusion

Guest Blogging can be the best thing for you, as long as you are willing to do take it seriously. It will boost your social media, the traffic to your blog, and make of you an expert in your field. It can also help you to build your personal branding, bring you clients, and be the best networking opportunity that you ever had. Or, if nothing else, it will give you a good push, so you can improve your writing skills. No matter what your goal is, you should give guest blogging a try and find out how it can influence your business in a positive way.

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