Real Threats Of Looming WW3

There are tensions mounting on several global fronts. Amid this tension, Russian government has called its people to return home immediately. This may be a premise for WW3.

Threats of looming WW3

World War 3 is Beginning!!

Mounting financial issues on domestic fronts and increasing terror issues have aggravated the fears and distrust between rival world powers. The risk of a global war is increasing every day.

At the moment, the world has become a very dangerous place. Is there are change that the current tension will culminate in WW3?

A professor at a Canadian university is of the opinion that the chances of a global war are very real and people should be alarmed at its prospect. All the hotspots of global warfare are ignited at the moment.


The tension in the Middle East over Syria is rising every day. North Korea is carrying out tests of its ballistic missiles, and the Ukraine issue is still hot in Europe.

There are worrying signs of conflict everywhere on the world map. However, some think tanks are stating their opinion that the chances of an armed conflict between the world powers are very remote, though heightened conflict between proxies cannot be written off.

There are very visible and definite signs that Russia and China are arming themselves. This means that there can be another cold war. But it will not be as effective and alarming as the first one.

Russia and China are on the same page where North Korea is concerned. Iraq and Syria are the major conflict points in the world at this moment.

Both America and Russia are involved in the Syrian civil war.The former through its proxies and the latter directly. There was no surprise when Russia entered the Syrian fray last September.

To make matters worse, Turkey has also gotten involved in Iraq and Northern Syria.

Is US-Russia preparing for WW3?

Ukraine is still a very active issue in Europe. For the time being the situation is stable but it is obvious that Russia wouldn’t back down from its claims over Crimea.

Russia has recently called back its personnel from everywhere in the world. This means that it might be preparing for World War III.

There is another fear that America is also preparing for World War 3 so that it can regain its prestige which has been tarnished by its inaction in Crimea and Syria.

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