No Confirmation of Julian Assange’s Death, Is It Dead man’s switch

News has been spreading rapidly online about the death of the founder of the WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

Julian Assange Dead man’s switch

Is Julian Assange dead?

There are rumors that Julian Assange is dead. However, due to an odd set of tweets from WikiLeaks, some believe him to be a dead man’s switch. The insurance policy ensures that closely guarded information is to be released in case of his death.

On Sunday in the afternoon, official WikiLeaks Twitter account posted several messages which appeared to be coded.

Many users of the account believed that the release of the tweets meant that something has happened to Julian Assange.

On the other side, who has been in the front position of the US politics in recent months. Only a few days ago Assange released sensitive material about Hillary Clinton.

When WikiLeaks released a mysterious file labeled “WIKILEAKS INSURANCE” for people. It was read everywhere and downloaded in advance of a huge upcoming announcement.

Every person was having a second thought of what this file actually contain. It disclosed a type of “dead man’s switch” that is currently encrypted.

Julian Assange released damaging information about Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks will release a second encryption key to unlock the file, in case, are prevented from making a planned revelation.

After the previous statements of Julian Assange, people are wondering, if this insurance file is meant to ensure that WikiLeaks can release potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Some online sources said that there was belief that the insurance protocol may have had something to do with Hillary Clinton.

Julian Assanage became most popular. In the recent years, he exposed million of secret news items and articles regarding the various countries like the US,  Israel etc.

Hence, some online sources believe that some secret agency might be behind his killing, it is true.

Now, a majority of people think that the tweets represented the “dead man’s switch”. Because Julian Assange had mentioned in the past. However news about Julian Assange’s has yet to be confirmed.

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