America prepares Cyber Strike against Russia

Many newspapers has been revealed that the CIA, request of the White House is preparing to launch cyber strike on Russia.

Cyber Strike against Russia

US preparing cyber strike on Russia

However, the US intelligence officials have told a popular news channel that the America is preparing cyber strike on Russia. And also as part of a covert action against the former superpower.

The reason is that Russia is allegedly interfering in the upcoming US elections. The same news has been corroborated by some other credible sources.


Our reliable sources told CIA has been requested by the White House to start wide-ranging clandestine cyber strike operations.

Therefore, the cyber operation should embarrass and harass the leadership in the Kremlin. The sources could not reveal how exactly these cyber strike will be developed and orchestrated.

Although, the agency has already started working on the cyber strike proposal. Targets have been selected and many other preparations have already been done.

On the other side, CIA has gathered a lot of data to expose the corrupt and unsavory practices of the incumbent Russian president.

CIA plans cyber strike operation against Russia

No doubt, CIA has already set plans in motion that would ignite American cyber attack on Russia.

Besides, Joe Biden told a news channel that US is ready to send a message to the Russian president.

Biden said that US will be the one to choose the timing, and the context of this message. But, it is understood that the message will have a great impact.

In this context, CIA has proposed to attack Russian abilities to firewalls of the Russian systems. As a result, the financial dealing of Putin and his closest associates could be exposed to the public.

In fact, a lot of money has moved from Russia to offshore accounts. It would be devastating for Putin and his closest friends.

While, Russia has allegedly been involved in leaks within the US that have targeted American public opinion.

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