US and Russia prepare for World War 3

Anonymous, the group which is widely known for hacking government websites has claimed that Pentagon has recently admitted that World War 3 is imminent.

World War 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia prepares for World War 3

Russia carried out ballistic missile tests as tensions with America continue to rise over Syria. The recent tests were only a show of force from the super power.

Fears have also been aggravated by the statements from top political analysts in Russia who are saying that the government is preparing elites for a ‘big war.’

Threats of global World War 3 rise

The statement issued by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Joseph Dunford has emphasized the need to declare war on Russia and its allies in Syria in order to establish a ‘no-fly zone’ over the country. Threats of global WW3 rise with this statement which sees top US military commanders willing to take on Russia.

Anonymous has also cited declarations by Washington that it is going to end all contacts with Russia. The latter has intensified its military operation sin Syria’s second largest city and economic hub Aleppo.

As soon as the ceasefire agreement between US and Russia collapsed, the regime and its allies attacked, Aleppo with renewed ferocity.

However, thousands of civilians trapped inside the eastern part of Aleppo who are at the mercy of the Russian air force. The Secretary of State John Kerry had also urged the President of the US, Obama to intervene militarily in Syria. Anonymous has made it clear that the war in Syria has actually turned into a proxy war between Russia and the US.

Relations between Russia and America are at their lowest at the moment. During a recent meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen Mark Milley said that the Russians think they have the capacity to launch a successful military operation in Europe.

Deteriorating relations with China

America’s relations with China have also been damaged after the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled against the latter in the dispute concerning the South China Sea. Chinese military leaders have also warned that there could be a war at sea in the near future.

The government has advised Russians to prepare for a possible nuclear attack prompting US officials to admit openly that World War 3 is imminent.

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