The Rising Risk Of Nuclear Attack

The nuclear strategy of the incumbent president of the United States is very simple: it says that the actual risk of a nuclear attack at various flashpoints has increased considerably whereas the threat of an all-out nuclear war has decreased.

The Rising Risk Of Nuclear Attack

When this report was written – around three years ago – the nuclear threat emerged from rogue nations including North Korea. At that time, Russia and America were on good terms.

However, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea with force and the borders of the world became crumbling. It was the same time Russian president and his top military brass started talking about nuclear attack.

For the past many decades, nuclear weapons have been regarded as the very last resort which can only come to use when all the other options have been completely exhausted. But, in the context of the present global situation, the threat of a nuclear attack is not completely unthinkable.

During the past two years, the US has been involved in flying mission over Russia with its B-52 bombers. They started after Russians invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea. It was a very novel idea in modern history that any country in Europe will use military force to alter existing borders.

Russia had carried out this feat with ‘little green men’ – soldiers without insignia. However, in the background, there was the threat of a nuclear attack.

Although, there was no overt nuclear threat from the Russian side but the president had covertly stated that he would change the status of the nuclear force if needed.

In fact, Putin gave orders to his army to remain prepared for a nuclear attack in case America and NATO tried to invade Crimea. It was the worst case scenario for Russia.

This is perhaps because Russians do not see nuclear weapons as something out of the ordinary. For them, the nuclear arsenal is only a kind of extension to a conventional war. This means that a nuclear war is not entirely unthinkable.

Russia’s military doctrine signed in 2014 by the incumbent president also states that Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in case there is an aggression against her and when they’re facing an existential threat.

Russia is also carrying out nuclear exercises at the behest of the president. These have considerably increased in size as well as frequency. America is concerned because Russia has a lot of nuclear weapons and it has also begun to act irresponsibly on the world stage.

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  • It seems so easy to blame Russia for the chaos we are seeing. I would suggest that the real cause of the new tensions are created by the US itself. The US foreign policy is the real cause of what we are seeing. Why does the US meddle in foreign governments? The killing of millions of innocent people because of these silent coups is a disgrace to humanity. Ever since the urge to dethrone Saddam Hussein, is the Middle East in better shape than, say, 30 years ago? Surely, Hussein could have been eliminated in the first Gulf war, but, no, he was spared only to excuse a second war at the cost of more innocent lives. Does Iraq have a democracy today? Do any of the “invaded” countries have democracy, including Ukraine? The US is being used by the real terrorists of the world, the NWO.