Hillary Clinton child rape allegation threatens her campaign

Americans are not happy with the censorship imposed on Hillary Clinton child rape case which involves Cathy Obrien. There is the testimony from Cathy and her husband Mark Phillips. And it has become a bombshell that can prove more damaging to Clinton’s presidential campaign than the wikileaks.

Hillary Clinton child rape

Hillary Clinton raping Cathy O’Brien

The truth behind Hillary Clinton raping Cathy O’Brien has not been reported by the mainstream media. However, some websites are sharing the story by themselves.

Hillary Clinton child rape allegations were revealed in the book Trance: Formation of America. The book is written by Cathy O’Brien who is a US citizen and an alleged victim of rape.

O’Brien has revealed years of sexual abuse that she was made to suffer owing to her birth in a highly connected family, that had a previous history of sexual abuses.

She tells about the psychological and physical abuse. Which was designed to increase her value in the market as a commodity.

She writes that when she turned 16, she met Bill Clinton. The latter raped her several times on many occasions. She alleged that Hillary had also raped her. The incidents occurred before Bill Clinton became president.


O’Brien has exposed that despite providing a full testimony about the episodes of her sexual abuse. No investigation ever took place. The testimony in question also implicated many other high placed figures.

Hillary Clinton Child rape Cathy O’Brien video

There is no such video available on the internet which will implicate Hillary Clinton. O’Brien states that she has written the book in order to expose many people within the government who are involved in a predatory practice called ‘Mind Control.’

She further says that the book has been written in corroboration with many officials of the government, scientists and intelligence agents.

Cathy alleges that she had been systematically tortured with the purpose of altering her behaviors through mind control. The revelation made by Cathy O’Brien in her book. And can cause serious damage to the current presidential campaign of Hillary.

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