Revenge of the Holocaust continues

Revenge of the Holocaust continues—The holocaust refers to the mass murder of Jews at the hands of the Nazi regime in Germany during the Second World War. Hitler and his collaborators killed around six million Jews including women and children. The number of Jews killed in the holocaust was almost two-thirds of the total 9 million living in Europe at that time.

Revenge of the Holocaust continues

Revenge of the holocaust is a phenomenon which has been coined in order to describe the aftermath of the events in Europe and how they were manipulated to establish the Zionist state in the heart of Arabia.

First of all, England helped them establish foothold in Palestine despite the opposition of native Arabs. This also resulted in violent clashes between the newcomers and the Palestinian Arabs.

In 1948, the UN sanctioned the division of the Palestine into a Zionist state and Palestine. This was a stark violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.

There was widespread violence and murder of Palestinians in their own land and hundreds and thousands fled for their lives. These Palestinians became refugees in different countries around the world and after three generations, they are still waiting to return to their homeland.

The revenge of the holocaust wasn’t complete after the plight of the Palestinians. If we look around the world, we will see that Muslims are being massacred everywhere from Burma to Palestine to Africa.

The situation of the Middle East is for everyone to see where a Muslim holocaust is in progress. It is said that the US and Israel support ISIS which has become the most feared terrorist group in the world.

Palestine and Burma massacres are only examples of how the world turns a blind eye to the plight of the Muslims in any part of the world.

Another factor that has complicated matters for Muslims in the world is that are the recent attacks in Western cities including the Orlando night club attack in America, Nice attack in France, and similar attacks in Brussels and Paris have given more weight to the Zionist narrative that all Muslims are terrorist.

However, this is not the case. Muslims are the victims of terror all around the world. Entire Muslim communities have been rooted out from their ancestral homes in the Middle East and Burma. Millions have become refugees in their own countries as well as other foreign lands.

A very learned scholar recently stated in an interview that it is right that the Nazis carried out the holocaust of the Jews but this does not allow them to exact revenge on a third party which is innocent of this crime: the Palestinians.

Despite the calls for stopping the revenge of the holocaust, the situation does not seem to be improving at all.

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