Everyday is a Terror Day

Terror is abhorred all over the world while peace is the requirement of every society around the globe. People are forced to face violence on a daily basis. In some parts of the world, people has almost accustomed to this alien idea. They have accepted the fact that there are people out there who will not let them live in peace. And they have come to terms with this fact.

Everyday is the Terror Day

Terror is something that has engulfed the countries of the Middle East. From Palestine through Iraq to Turkey, there are daily bombings, suicide attacks and gunfights that result in the deaths of innocent people.

In fact, terror plots are being made by these extremist elements keeping in mind that they should inflict maximum damage on the innocents.

Though the Middle East is particularly the target of daily bombings and terror incidents, the West has not been completely spared the threat.

There have been terror attacks in the capital of Europe including Copenhagen, Paris, Brussels and even America. But it is also a fact that in the West, these attacks are not as deadly or frequent as they are in the Middle East.

We can still remember that the world was not such a horrible place before 2011. In fact, even after the September attacks in New York, the world was still not a target of terrorists.

However, when George Bush declared that a clash of civilizations was in the making, it turned everything upside down. The war on terror unleashed by the American administration unleashed a monster that has almost destroyed the whole world.

One of the reasons of these daily terror attacks is the American invasion of Iraq. Rather it was an unlawful invasion based on lies. This action unleashed all the extremist elements within the Middle East who had been kept at bay by Saddam Hussein for years.

Terror in the Middle East is also linked with the Arab Israeli conflict and the daily sufferings of the Palestinians. Muslims all over the world are able to see that Israel is carrying out massacre of the Palestinians with impunity and there is no one to stop it. This creates a sense of helplessness and the need to do something about the injustice.

Every day is a terror day because the West has followed a very unjust path since the very beginning. The injustice has been further enhanced by the warmongering media in the West that sees every terrorist attack as the work of Muslims rather than individuals.

Until the West gets rid of this mentality, the world is doomed to face this terror each and every day.

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