Syrian War will decide the future of the World

Syrian war has not only devastated the Arab world, it has also created fault lines around the globe that will decide the future of the entire world.

Syrian War will decide the feature of the World

There is an old saying that armies prepare themselves according to the last war they have fought. The problem with modern warfare is that armies may not be looking in the past where they should be looking.

For the past few years, the West has been occupied with regional conflicts rather than full scale wars. They have developed their expertise for this kind of warfare. The devastation and horrors of the Great War and the World War 2 have all been forgotten.

Syrian war, as opposed to popular beliefs, is not a regional conflict though it may seem like one. It has become a global war with almost every big power involved in it one way or the other.

The game has gone global with the resurgence of power politics and an actual threat of big started going to war with each other. An example of this was seen last year in November when Turkey shot down Russian planes and it seemed that the two nations will go to war any time.

Syrian war has brought to fore the same apprehension about confrontation with Russia and China that was all too forgotten with the end of the cold war.

The simmering tension in Syria and the region has made it clear that world war 3 may not be around the corner, but it definitely has become a possibility. Like the previous two global wars, the third one may also start with a very minor incident or even an unforeseen accident.

Syrian war, with the involvement of every major power, has the potential to alter the entire geo-political framework of the world.

Russian planes are daily flying over Turkey which is a NATO territory. American planes are flying dangerously closer to Russian Sukhois. If there is an accident, things might just heat up and morph into a war.

Even if nothing of this sort happens, the end of the war in Syria and the winner and losers of this conflict will decide who will become a global power, and who will have to leave the world stage.

Another aspect of the Syrian war that will affect the future of the world is the millions of refugees who have entered Europe seeking to start a new life there.

The presence of such a huge number of Arabs in these countries will also alter the current demographics of these nations in the times to come. The profound impact of such a possibility cannot be overlooked either.

Syrian war has two opposing camps that are fighting for survival. Both of them have international backing. The one who wins the war in Syria and comes out triumphant will not be the only winner, everyone who is supporting him, will also win the global war and will eventually recognized as the ultimate power in the world.

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