Saudi Arabia Bombings: Does ISIS Wants World War III?

Does ISIS Wants World War III? – The recent actions of the extremist group suggest that it wants the entire world to go to war. The World War is a scenario in which each and every country in the world is involved in fighting a widespread war either with a common enemy or a regional supporter of a bigger adversary.

Saudi Arabia Bombings: Does ISIS Wants World War III?

World War’s most potent example is the World War II in which the entire world was fighting either Hitler or his allies all over the world.

The recent Baghdad bombings that claimed scores of innocent lives and the bombings in Saudi Arabia allegedly carried out by the Islamic State have proven that the extremist group’s ideology of only hatred and destruction. These actions also make it clear that the terrorist group wants to start World War III which will involve the entire world.

This much is also clear that ISIS may be trying to lure the US to put more boots on the ground in the Middle East so that they could become its easy target.

World War or not, the US cannot simply ignore this growing threat. Though, it does risk the chance of getting caught in a quagmire if it puts boots on the ground in the Middle East, there is an absolute need for form a counter terrorism strategy which should be created keeping in ,mind the ideology, history and objectives of the Islamic State.

ISIS is made up of extremists, zealots and fanatics who are able to justify their repulsive violence with the help of their own interpretation of everything.

The members of this group adhere to one another since they share the common trait of hating the West and all it represents. However, one of the most vital components if ISIS is the number of former military officers from the Saddam regime.

These soldiers had also taken part in the insurgency after Americans invaded Iraq in 2003. In their eyes, the US invasion of their country was nothing but an imperial attempt at plundering the wealth of their country and trample over Muslim lands.

World War, in a way, was started by the Bush administration when is stormed Iraq without giving heed to the consequences of this actions. The Iraqi invasion created a new generation of militants who are more violent, extremist and more efficient in their work.

ISIS is an amalgam of these modern warriors and old Saddam loyalists. The latter are highly trained soldiers who are adept at making war strategies and carrying them out. This is the main reason behind the spectacular military successes that ISIS has enjoyed.

World War was started the say Americans decided to invade a sovereign Middle Eastern country. The daily bombings that we see are the aftermath of that bad decisions as well as the failure of the West to make a comprehensive commitment to the Middle East.

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