Dozens dead in ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad

The extremist group vows to carry out more attacks like the recent ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad.

Dozens dead in ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad

More than 50 people lost their lives in ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad. These attackers were reinforced by gunmen inside the city and its suburbs.

On Monday, bombers detonated their suicide vests inside a shopping mall in Baghdad. A car bomb also exploded nearby killing 18 people and wounding scores of others.

Two more suicide bombers detonated their vests in Muqdadiyah – a town to the east of the capital – killing 23 people and wounding dozens.

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In the South-eastern suburb of Baghdad another bomb went off resulting in seven more deaths. Another car bomb killed three more people in Baquba situated to the east of Baghdad.

In a statement posted online, the extremist group claimed responsibility for three of the ISIS suicide attacks on Baghdad. These included the bombings in the shopping mall, Baquba and Muqdadiyah.

ISIS said in its statement that its targets were the rejectionists. It also warned that more such attacks will follow.

The statement that was posted on the internet shortly after the devastating attacks said that the ISIS suicide attacks on Baghdad were carried out by IS fighters targeting areas where Shia Muslims gather regularly.

Only last week the government in Iraq had claimed victory against IS in the city of Ramadi. ISIS was dislodged from the western city by the Iraqi army with the help of American air support driving the militants out towards other areas.

On Monday, an official of the security services in Anbar province stated that Iraqi forces had killed two dozen militants with the help of American air support. The rest of the insurgents were pushed out of the area near the city of Haditha which is under government control.

ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad claimed the biggest death toll during the previous three months. Analysts are saying that these were revenge attacks for the heavy losses that the group is suffering at the hands of the security forces.

Five other people were shot dead when gunmen made their way into the Jawaher mall in the district of Jadida. Six more people lost their lives when the suicide bombers detonated their vests.

According to eye witnesses, people began to run towards the shops in order to save their lives but they were followed by the armed militants who mercilessly opened fire on them.

Police managed to get hold of the wounded and took control of the shopping center. A security personnel told the television reporters that there were no hostages remaining in the center.

Apart from coping with militant assaults like the ISIS suicide attack on Baghdad, Iraqis are also being dragged into a sectarian conflict – a problem further exacerbated by the rise of ISIS.

The shopping mall incident was initially wrongly categorized as a hostage situation with security officials estimating that there were around 50 people trapped inside the complex. The Iraqi army surrounded the building and sent soldiers on the rooftops. There were clashes in which two militants died and four were arrested.

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