Renowned Psychiatrist suggests that Obama Accepts ISIS Attacks in Paris

The president of the United States had made a commitment not the relent in the face of the ISIS campaign besides assuring Americans and the world that the terrorist attacks will not be tolerated, however, there is nothing that he has done in this regard which could be considered worthwhile giving way to the assumption that Obama accepts ISIS attacks in Paris and other places as normal.

Renowned Psychiatrist suggests that Obama has accepted ISIS attacks in Paris

In fact, by failing to offer protection to the Americans, not only Obama accepts ISIS attacks in Paris and other Western cities, but also assists in the establishment of this new dangerous norm. There is little doubt that Obama has totally submitted to the ISIS threat.

These comments were made by a certified psychiatrist, Andrew G. Hodges. Hodges was an assistant clinical professor psychiatry at Alabama School of Medicine. He is the author of ‘The Obama Confession: Secret Fear. Secret Fury’ and ‘As Done Unto You’. The latter book deals with the case of Amanda Knox.

In his view Obama’s acceptanceof ISIS attacks in Paris is enabling the terror group.

He stated that the president is leading America towards a worse situation that will offer encouragement to the group and embolden it enough to carry out more attacks. He further added that the concept can be better understood with the help of the two basic phenomena of the sub-consciousness: denial and projection. An understanding of the president’s unconscious mind will allow us to reach into his heart and understand why Obama accepts ISIS attacks in Paris, and how deep his motivations are regarding the extremist group.

Hodges has contributed to the research on the unconscious mind which he has explained at length in his book ‘The Deeper Mind.’

In his view, accessing and deciphering messages from the ‘unconscious super intelligence’ of a person, he can not only obtain confessions but also find out motives for future crimes.

Andrew G. Hodges explains the reason why Obama accepts the ISIS attacks in Paris with the help of his research which he has printed in his book ‘The Obama Confession: Secret Fear. Secret Fury.’ He says that basically Obama is in a state of denial owing to the inability of his unconscious mind to grasp the ISIS threat as real.  His minds admit the terror group as a blind spot and consequently also blocks its violence. His brilliant super intelligence allows us to look past his denial into the working of his subconscious mind which constantly seeks to affirm the idea in his mind that ISIS is dangerous.

He offers proof of this theory by citing several incidents in the past when the president has said that ISIS was contained and it was not gaining strength.

The psychiatrist says that the real trick is to look past the denial and see how Obama has accepted ISIS attacks in Paris which was one of the deadliest attacks in a European city in decades.

Right after the attacks, Obama said that he would never show hesitation in acting against the group.

Hodges writes that Obama was actually saying that he was hesitant to act.

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