Terrorist Attacks in Paris: Gunfire and Bombs kill at least 120 people

France is in a state of emergency after at least 120 people die in the Paris terrorist attacks. These attacks took place at different places, at bars, restaurants and five different sites within the French capital. Eight of the attackers in the Paris shootings are confirmed dead.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

The police are trying to figure out if there were any accomplices of the Paris attackers who are still roaming free. Residents of the city are ordered to stay inside their homes. Thousands of troops have been deployed across the city.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris 3

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks, however, one of the hostages at the Bataclan said that he had overheard one of the attackers sympathize with the Islamic State. The carnage at the Bataclan claimed most lives where a concert of an American rock groups was in progress.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris 5

These terrorist attacks in Paris and bombing came during the busiest time of the day in the heart of France. The terrorists also seemed to have targeted customers are restaurants.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris 1

After the extent of the carnage became clear, the French president took to the Television announcing a state of emergency. This is the first time such measures have been taken in France since 2005. Authorities are now able to impose curfews and restrict movements of the citizens.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris 2

Paris terror attacks are the worst nightmare of the European security agencies that has come true. They have foiled several such attacks targeted at civilians in the heart of Europe. These tactics have been used previously on several occasions in Asian countries. How they came to Europe is something that is not yet clear.

Terrorist Attacks in Paris 6

It is also not clear whether the attackers were citizens of France. If they were indeed French citizens, how and where they were radicalized? Where they met? From where they obtained weapons?Who was the organizer? And above all, why weren’t they detected?

France has been the scene of two deadly terrorist attacks. Does is mean that all of Europe is vulnerable?

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