Endless Holocaust in Syria continues

Syria is an endless holocaust which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The multi-sided armed civil war started in 2011 when Syrians started protesting against Bashar Al Assad’s government.

Endless Holocaust in Syria continues

The regime responded with disproportionate force which later culminated in a fully blown civil war between anti-government elements and regime supporters.

Due to the lawlessness and abundance of arms, Syria became a fertile ground for jihadists as well as sectarian militias that are fighting on both sides of the spectrum.

In the middle of all this chaos is the most dangerous extremist group the world has ever seen: Daesh or ISIS is a monster that came from Iraq, gained a foothold in Syria and then invaded Iraq again. It controls sizeable land in both countries and has been at war with both the pro and anti-regime forces since it came to the limelight in 2014.

There are speculations that it is funded and controlled by Americans and Israel with the intention of safeguarding the interests of the Zionist state.

The endless holocaust in Syria continues as world powers and the regional powers supply their favorite factions in the conflict. This flow of arms has further aggravated the Syrian situation.

The endless holocaust in Syria has also given way to the worst humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen. During the past five years of strife and war, more than 200,000 people have lost their lives. Keeping dead of the civilians deaths was so difficult that the UN simply stopped doing it.

Endless Holocaust in Syria continues

At least a million Syrians have also been injured another 12 million have been forced by the fighting to leave their homes. In fact, majority of the refugees who are trying to reach Europe by boats are Syrians. The severity of the refugee’s plight can be imagined from the fact that Syrians are also seeking sanctuary in the neighboring Iraq which is also at war.

Syrian refugees

The endless holocaust in Syria has paved the way for the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern history. Half of the Syrian population requires assistance.

The economy is in shambles and unemployment is above 50%. Most of the hospitals have been damaged, doctors have left the country. As a consequence, the average life expectancy has seen a drastic fall from 75 to 55 years.

Forty years of human development has been wiped out. Schools have been destroyed. Millions of children are not attending school. Power breakdowns are rampant.

Syrians refugees are currently residing in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. A few of them have reached Europe as well. There are numerous stories of Syrian refugee women who have been forced to work as prostitutes in Lebanon where a prostitution ring was recently busted. This allowed the world to recognize the horrors of war in Syria.

It is the duty of the world powers to stop the endless holocaust in Syria. The first step should be to stop the regional powers from supplying weapons to the regime and the rebels. The next step is to start comprehensive dialogue about lasting peace. This is the only way to help the people of Syria and stop their plight.

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