Bill Clinton Sex Video released soon, Anonymous says

Anonymous, group of hackers is planning to release Bill Clinton sex video. The bombshell was dropped recently on 4Chan message board, where Anonymous and Kim Dotcom announced that they have access to videos, and pictures of the former president.

Bill Clinton Sex Video

Jeffrey Epstein connection Bill Clinton sex video

It is apparent that the announcement of Bill Clinton sex video is connected with Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire and a convicted pedophile. He was Bill Clinton’s close friend. Clinton made several trips to Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island’ on his plane.

Huge Cover-up

Over the course of the next few days, several documents will come to light. These documents will offer evidence into one of the huge cover-ups in recent US history.

WikiLeaks and Anonymous worked in conjunction in order to put together a set of detailed and comprehensive documents that will implicate Hillary Clinton, her husband, and many other individuals.

While, these individuals belong to different organizations including the FBI, CIA, DNC and the Clinton Foundation.

The evidence

Notably, the evidence contained within these documents includes proof of bribery, manipulation, fraud and bribery. The Hacker said that the documents were set to be released in October, by high ranking officials, from the CIA, and the FBI, intervened and the release date was postponed.

Organized and manageable

As a result, Anonymous als0 pointed out that the nature of the leaks has made it imperative that the information be presented to the public in an organized and manageable format.

Another, important thing is that all the people who were involved in the leaks should have ample protections.

New Clinton Leaks

Anonymous has announced that the new Clinton leaks will be made available in the form of pictures, mails and videos.

These will provide irrefutable proof that Bill Clinton and at least half a dozen high ranking government officials had sex with minor persons.

Finally, the release of these documents will land Bill and Hillary Clinton in very serious trouble.

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