Media Favoring Clinton – New WikiLeaks Revelations

New WikiLeaks Revelations have made it clear that the media is acting as a lapdog for Clinton. Connections between the mainstream media and the Clinton camp are being continuously revealed by the whistleblower website.

New WikiLeaks Revelations

WikiLeaks Revelations on Clinton Corruption

WikiLeaks Revelations on Clinton corruption have again made it clear how their campaign can exult pressure on media networks to show a favorable coverage.

There was an e-mail from the Clinton campaign’s chairman, John Podesta. In the communication he proclaimed that republicans were being driven crazy.

Podesta also included a social media post from Brad Dayspring who is the vice president of communications for the website Politico. The post read:

‘Clinton campaign today proved they could hide candidate for months, give 1 bkgd briefing on a single speech & get dozens of positive stories’.

Another thing that is very weird in the circumstances is that Clinton was able to be present in almost every press conference while the FBI investigation was in full swing. This investigation concerned her alleged use of private email server for sending and receiving classified emails.

This shows that Clinton does not have any problem when it comes to press conferences, media appearances, and events even when she is undergoing a serious federal investigation.

Clinton – Media Connection

Such things seldom happen during an election campaign which is by Clinton–Media connection has come to the fore.

Past WikiLeaks revelations have also painstakingly made a case that proves beyond doubt how Clinton–Media connection is shaping the current presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks reported through a previous revelation that some 25 big names in reporting have had dinner with Podesta.

However, the same leaked email made another revelation regarding around 40 media representatives who had spend time with Clinton right before she announced her presidency.

The email said that the meeting with representatives was in order to keep them on her side once the race started.

In return for these favors. These representatives allegedly tip Clinton about the questions in upcoming interviews.

They also allow Clinton to have control over what would appear in the print regarding her presidential campaign.

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