Who is Controlled Social Media?

Who is controlled social media?-It has become a tool with which the imperialist are seeking to control the entire world. When you hear the world ‘Social Media’, the first thing that comes to your mind is a platform where people can easily communicate their ideas and share their views around the globe.

Who is Controlled Social Media?

Others would think that the social media is a channel that allows them to send and receive information to and from all parts of the world and get updates from people regarding several topics and issues. Some people would simply think that social media is a modern form of marketing.

These days, social media has been fully integrated into our lives. We can keep in contact with our friends who may be thousands of miles away. We can watch and enjoy an old favorite song on YouTube whenever we want.

We can read all the latest news from within the comfort of our rooms. There are blogs and forums on the social media where we can talk freely and share our views with the rest of the world about a movie, a news article or even a video.

The social media allows users to talk about their professional expertise, study, work and political views. It also allows individuals to seek jobs and offers a chance to companies to get the best talent available. With the advent of social media, everything has become simpler and easier.

The reality is very different from what it looks because it is a controlled social media. We never ask ourselves why everything is so easy with the social media. Isn’t the society, as a whole, become dependent on it?

Controlled social media has become a very dangerous tool in the hands of the people who run it. This is because everyone is freely sharing information about themselves, their siblings and peer over the internet allowing the controllers to see everything and analyze everything. The same knowledge is used against the users of these social media forums, and everyone else who is associated with it.

The Zionist controlled social media will not allow the plight of the Palestinians to make it to the facebook pages, yet on the same pages, the users will be subjected to a lot of real or imagined news about Palestinians ‘terrorist.’

If a there is something posted against the atrocities in Kashmir, it will be immediately deleted, whereas the propaganda is spread by the occupying army with the utmost ease.

The controlled social media is a tool in the hands of the Jews and their collaborators who are using it to sway public opinion in their favor. Unfortunately, they are winning.

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